Migraine Torture

>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

I did not enjoy my almost two days vacation :( I have plenty of plans and things to do on my vacation but I nearly accomplish anything. I was planning to give Kathy a visit and give her leche flan yesterday morning but I was not able to get out of my room. I also planned to make some banana muffins and chocolate cupcakes for our gathering at the memorial park but I haven't had the chance to even visit the tomb of my great grandparents. I was also looking forward to create new post for my blog and visit my blogging friends' pages, but all I have done is visit some. All I have done is create two flower arrangements while enduring the pains and after that I went to bed and battle it out with my migraine torture.

I have this migraine attacks since I was in high school. I even undergone one CT Scan and one MRI because of my severe headaches. I have taken various medicines raging from a simple Ibuprofen to Celebrex to Avimigran to Sibellium. Doctors advised me to lessen my chocolate intake but I'm too stubborn to follow their advise (chocolates are too tempting, I'm just a human... hahaha!).

But yesterday was my most difficut migraine attack. I thought it was just a plain headache but I throw up three times but still the pain did not subside. My grannies (I live with my grannies although my parent's house is just beside where I'm staying) are already insisting of bringing me to the hospital but I refused because I was thinking that I might be admitted, I cannot afford to be absent on Monday, I'm a month behind my deadlines. Good thing that the headache finally left me early this morning, thanks to my medicines. Now I was able to write this post.


walkonred November 3, 2008 at 8:30 AM  

grabe ako din kninang madaling araw..bumangon ako sa sakit at uminom ng gamot at 4am ha...

peppermayo November 6, 2008 at 5:20 PM  

don't have chocolate pag feeling well ka, have chocolate pag masakit na...cguro pareho lang yun ng principle sa coffee...works for me... ;p pero mahirap nga kumain or uminom even kapag nag throw up ka na. hug hug pau! glad you're feeling better, miss you!

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