don’t drink and drive!

>> Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do you often hear "do not drive if you are drunk"? It is a reminder that driving while intoxicated can bring you to a situation you'll never like or you will regret forever. You are lucky if you will not experience accident brought by your status. That is why driving under the influence of alcoholic beverage is prohibited by law. This law aims to protect every individuals that are traveling by land. Everyone of us usually pray for our safety while driving home. In cases that we need to drive even if we have drunk alcoholic beverage, we need to be careful and we should know that we need to face serious charges if we had been an offender of this law. It is nice to know that in times like this, there are Houston DWI lawyers that we can depend on. Madrid, Martinez and Associates are full of talented and reliable lawyers. They have a website, which you can visit anytime.


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