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>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Every country is suffering from an economic crisis and respective leaders are doing everything to survive this crisis. Even us, as an individual thinks of how to secure our family’s wealth or to save more for our future. Some of us think of entering own business but as of the moment, it is very risky. So, it is advisable for us to think of a higher success rate business. Do you know that can help us on this? Gold as we all know is part of our everyday lives in a form of jewelries. buy gold bullion now and soon you’ll see the bigger profit it offers.


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  • Choc o'Chip – Fudge brownies with chocolate icing topped with chocolate chips.
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  • Espresso – Fudge brownies topped with coffee flavored icing, decorated with rich caramel drizzle.


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gold it is!

>> Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking for another job that will compensate you more than your present job? Or looking for a business that will bring profit to your pocket? All of us want this especially as of the moment when our economy is facing a serious problem. Do you know that when the stock market is in its low state, gold is in its higher state? can educate you the facts about gold. As we all know, gold had been part of our lives, usually in the form of jewelry. Its price usually doubles when the stock market is failing, so now is the right time to put money in gold. Buy Gold Krugerrands is the right choice you can make today.


Go Green Bags from Artscow






Use these wonderful customizable recycle bags to do your grocery shopping. Not only are these bags pretty, featuring your very own personalized designs, but they are easy to take around with you too. The bag can be folded and slipped into a mini carry case (included), so you’ll never be without it.

For just $2.99*/each, you can get your hands on this durable recycle bag with free international shipping. So now you can do your shopping in style and be environmentally responsible whilst doing so!







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Cakes Galore

Most of my friends know how I truly love to bake and create unique and delicious cakes. Unfortunately, since I am based in another country to work, my passion for baking is actually on a park state. Now just to give myself another boost of inspiration or whatever, I'm posting some cakes that my friend Kathy were able to ordered last January for different occassions. Actually, these are cakes that she took photos and tagged me over at facebook so I can see what designs are in nowadays and hopefully we can both pick up as soon as I come back!










































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