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>> Friday, November 27, 2009

A lot of blogs are practically loaded with online college courses posts and it makes me wonder why so many people are raving about this kind of schooling. Well, if you ask me, I'm not so particular with that thing that is why I had to do my research on that. Talk about being not so busy and all! So there, since I have nothing to do for now, I just searched on over the internet about this fad online schooling and there it hit me, it is really a good schooling option! Specially for those who are wanting to study but can't afford to attend class schooling, this is the perfect type of school for anyone who is enrolled can attend class online! Hassle free on going out and all! What's really nice are the great selection of courses that are being offered. Really fab.

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Christmas in 28days

Holiday season has officially started, in my home country it is. But here?! nah. Probably they wouldn't indulge on Christmas festivities, but rather just have that day a regular working holiday for everyone including myself. I only hope for a simple get together with my fellow kababayans after work so we can at least feel the spirit of Christmas, the birth of our dear Lord Jesus Christ...


Doorbuster Deals

Been receiving so many online deals announcement for a week now and this is one of my most favorite Old Navy doorbuster offering deals! great discounts on items such as graphic tees and pants! imagine being able to buy jeans at $15! really cheap and pocket friendly it is!
So what now? go check it out yourself! :D


on short courses

Working in another country is pretty hard and emotionally draining. That is why I wanted to divert myself and attention to other things rather than to feel so home sick and sad, longing for family is the hardest thing you know. And with that, my friend suggested that I take up another course, a short course perhaps, so I was wondering if cosmotology schools is my thing? I'm not really sure, well I hope I can find a way to know if that is one good short course for me! though I'm sure I like to glam up friends and myself once in a while, so I guess it is possible for me? I sure hope so!


no new moon

As much as I wanted too, I won't be able to watch New Moon on cinema. If only this country approves and have it shown on cinemas, then it would be a perfect Christmas gift for myself. But then again, I'd probably just settle for the link that my friend has sent me and watch my Edward online.



>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've been away from home for almost three months now. In every single day of that three months I have been fighting the urge to call you. But I don't know what with this day, I finally give in. Even at the first ring of the phone on the other line I was still hesitant. I was still trying to decide whether to pursue or just drop the call like what I usually do. But at the third ring, you answered. I guess you knew it was me. I try to find the first words to say. In few seconds I manage to say hi and asked how are you. You said, you're fine and asked me if I am okay here, and I answered back "I'm doing great".

Then there it goes, the precious nine minutes and fourteen seconds that we shared. It might be short, a bit sweet, full of laughter, cold at first but I guess it could be the happiest nine minutes since I left. I admit I missed you, I misses you a lot.


accounting life

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

Working in the Accounting department is not an easy thing as others thinks so or whatever. In fact, our tasks are really complicated and we need focus and all the knowledge and strength we can render in order for our tasks to be fully done with no rejects amongst other problems. Though of course, after all the hard projects and accounting stuffs that we finished in time gives us great pride and major boost of self boost. And speaking of working and being on this line of job, I am still thinking and hoping to someday land a job in one of those fab Las Vegas accounting firm in the US someday.


princess cake

My god daughter will have her 3rd birthday on January and her mom just told me that she wants a princess themed for the house party that she's planning to have. So I searched online form designs that she can use, though I could be the one to do that super cute little cake... but then again, I'm here in a far away land. Anyways, this is one of the cake design I found online that looks so dainty and really meant for a princess! :D


DKNY studded watch for sale

my friend just emailed me her for items for sale that are already available on hand. And what strikes my interest is this lovely red strap DKNY watch with studs all over. So love it! But then, I realized that I really can't see myself wearing a red strap watch, I'd rather stick to black or white straps just to be safe and I wouldn't have to worry on matching it with my clothes and all.
Oh well, will wait for another batch of loots from her!


beach hunt for the holidays

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday break is just around the corner and my friends are already planning on a quick holiday getaway. But unfortunately, I haven't been able to talk to them, thus making me clueless on their plans and all. I wonder if they would continue on their search for something like a romantic vacation riviera maya packages. Something that will bring total relaxation and stress free getaway. You see, we are already getting over the super hyper vacation mode, where partying and boost full night are the trend. Now we want a very serene and zen inspired vacation spot where total body and rejuvenating can happen without the hassle and bustle of crowded beach spots.


Starbucks Holiday Blended Coffee

So speaking of coffee and the holiday drinks that Starbucks is offering, I wonder what you guys prefer?! do you like the super sweet toffee nut - which I love among the three blends. Or do you prefer the dark cherry mocha - which is the least of my favorite, because? well, because it's tastes dark, whatever. And how about the peppermint mocha? that my friend is so frenzied about! can't really deal with mint on coffee you know, but I'd rather have that instead of the dark cherry one.
How about you?! care to share your fave?


coffee planner

My friend is bugging me on drinking Starbucks coffee so she can get additional stickers for her planner card, or whatever you call that little red leaflet where the barista sticks well yes, the stickers after you avail their holiday or regular coffee... 17 stickers all in all, which likely cost a person to spend over two grand of pesos in order to fill that all.
Something that I can't really get. Oh well. Whatever, dear friend... get me a grande toffee nut - iced.


Wedding Anniversary sample invites

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

Found this super cute and funky looking Wedding Anniversary Invitations from CardsShoppe ( the leader in creating lovely wedding anniversary invitation online. Just like the sample below of a groovy 50th wedding anniversary invitations that can be ordered from them, if you happen to like the design on their site for your wedding anniversary. Or If Customer does not find exactly what they are looking for, they will create a Special Design Just For You, You Can Add a Photo, Picture or Logo to Any Card on Their Site too! Lovely offerings from a site that does great output!


another type of baby shower

I don't know for others, but I have been not able to experience a Type Baby Shower of that is made specially for couples. And it was a new thing for me when I got this baby shower invitations that has the name of the dad to be on it for the said surprise baby shower. And then I learned that there are different types baby shower that is actually being done depending on the wish of the parents. And that I found a lot of Unique and Exclusive Designs Available ONLY at Cards-411 ( from their sample invitations being showcased on their site. Lovely personalized invites to match the need of the parents to be, in fact, they also have this View your personalized invitation BEFORE you buy using their patented Instant Preview Features which is find kind of great and needed before finalizing the order. I wonder when will I be able to attend this kind of event, it'll sure be fun to see the dad so excited and all!


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