her faux like :D

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

A friend will be celebrating her birthday this coming April, and as early as now she has already giving hints on what gifts she wants to receive! Well, technically she is because her blogs are flooded with wish lists for her big day... maybe it's for posting only purposes but I believe that she really wants those things thus made her blog and talk about it all. So anyways, I'm thinking of giving her one of her wish, this lovely faux sapphire earrings that can be bought online at earrings.holstedjewelers.com - so there, hopefully before the month ends, I'll be able to order this and have it ready just in time for her big day! :D


me meme

had this survey & I thought it was fun & I would love to share this to others, too.

Here's what you're supposed to do:

Delete my answer and replace it with yours.

Two names you go by:

1. Pau
2. Paula

Two things you're wearing now:

1. SSPI Wednesday Uniform
2. Blue Stud Earrings

Two things you would want [or have] in a relationship: (May relationship ba ako? hahaha)

1. Trust & Loyalty
2. Understanding

Two favorite things to do?

1. Baking with Kathy
2. Videoke with Friends

Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. Vacation
2. My Visa! hahahahha!

Two things you did yesterday:

1. Syteline Training (blogging on the side! hahaha!)
2. Watched TV till 2:00 AM

Two things I ate yesterday:

1. Pansit Palabok
2. Chocolates

Two people you last talked to:

1. Ate Cons
2. Crizzy

Two things you're doing tomorrow:

1. Syteline Training (AGAIN!) (I'll be doing it for the next 100 days!)
2. Beat the deadlines

Two favorite holidays:

1. Christmas of course
2. Holy Week (Vacation for me)

Two favorite beverages:

1. Red Iced Tea
2. Iced Coffee

Two people no longer alive that you'd like to talk to:

1. Princess Diana
2. My Mommy Vianing, I miss her

Please do not spoil the fun; share it with friends.

Thanks Dharlz for the tag! passing this to Kathy, Lou and Amy


Ben Tags

>> Sunday, January 10, 2010

snagged from kathy

{start copy here}

Rule: Leave a comment on this post once you finished answering the tag and I will add your BLOG on the master list.

1. Are you single? Single unattached. ;)
2. Are you happy about that? Of course, except during love month hahaha!
3. Are you bored? At this moment no, I'm juggling two things, beating the deadlines and doing this! hahahaha!
4. Are you sad? Nope, happy is dominant
5. Are you Italian? I hope so! Proud pure Pinoy
6. Are you plastic? Nope!
8. Are you cool? I think so!
9. Are you Chinese? No
10. What are you? A loving daughter, friend and lover hahaha!


1. Initials → PCTT
2. Nicknames → Pau/Pau-pau
3. Birth place → Cavite
4. Hair color → Black
5. Age → 26
6. Eye color → Black
7. Birthday → June 20
8. Mood → Overjoyed
9. Favorite color? → Blue and Green
10. Left or right handed? → Righty

1. Love or money? Can I have both?
2. Hard liquor or beer?I like both but I prefer beer RED HORSE!
3. Cats or dogs? Dogs
4. A few best friends or many regular friends? few best friends
5. Television or Internet? Internet
6. Pepsi or coke? Coke
7. Wild night out or romantic night? Romantic please! Hopelessly Romantic me
8. Money or Happiness? Both! hahahah!
9. Night or day? Night time
10. IM or phone? IM


1. Smile or eyes? EYES
2. Light or dark hair? Dark hair
3. Hugs or kisses? Both
4. Intelligence or attraction? Both
5. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship
6. Trust or love? Must be both
7. Long distance or close? Close
8. Call or text? Call
9. Older or younger? A little older
10. Looks or Personality? Personality!


1. Last phone call you made? Crizzy, my officemate
2. Last phone call you received? Last night, Kuya
3. Last person/people you hung out with? Maya, OT Partner
4. Last person to text you? Jay-r , highschool friend
5. Last person you tickled? Sam, before going to work
6. Last person you IM? Georgina
7. Last person you hugged? Mama Joy
8. Last person you slept with? Myself hahaha
9. Last person you laughed with? Mama Joy and Clouie, breaktime
10. Last dream you can remember? Drinking Coffee at a cafe near a park and I saw someone waving at me (weird di ko kase makuha ang logic bakit!)

PLAYERS: Chikai | Gengen | Yen | kathycot | Pau | YOU

{end copy here}

Passing on and enjoy :)


summer outing for the company

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

I heard that my previous company is about to have a grand summer outing this April, though it is well kept as a surprise for everyone. You see, last year (when I was still working there) we weren't able to have one summer escapade provided by the company itself, as we all know it was the bottom fall of the economy during that time so we can't really asked for an all expense paid trip for us all. But then again, it's just another story now, the top management actually promised of having one for this year! I wonder if it is one of those Riviera maya family vacation kind of thing, where employees can bring along their families as well - which will the first time to happen, if ever. So there, I am so white with envy, thinking of the fantastic time my previous co employees will have! Oh how I wish to be there too!


poato lover pau-pau

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love potatoes so much, I know its quite obvious in my size. I've been a potato lover all my life. I can consume a grande size NY Fries in a snap with Kathy (I miss this mare!), eat Mashed Potato like peanuts, treat french fries like chips, never forgot hash brown when having breakfast at Mc Donald's and go crazy over baked potatoes! Sometimes I just sliced them thinly seasoned with salt and deep fry them.

Last night, it was raining so hard, I'm not feeling good, I'm upset, my emotions were down. I want to cheer myself up, and somehow empty my mind of things that's bothering me even for the mean time. My first option was have some drinks with friends (How I miss the alcohol in my veins! LOL!) but it didn't push through because my "Ninang" Dhel (Antoninos/Light Drinking Buddy) is dealing with stomachache. So I just thought of indulging with a basket of Shakey's Mojos. I shared it with Abby along with some sentiments and "chismis" on the side. The Mojos lightened the burden somehow, just forget about the calories! :)

** now this is me reposting, call this home sickness or whatever. :(


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