summer outing for the company

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

I heard that my previous company is about to have a grand summer outing this April, though it is well kept as a surprise for everyone. You see, last year (when I was still working there) we weren't able to have one summer escapade provided by the company itself, as we all know it was the bottom fall of the economy during that time so we can't really asked for an all expense paid trip for us all. But then again, it's just another story now, the top management actually promised of having one for this year! I wonder if it is one of those Riviera maya family vacation kind of thing, where employees can bring along their families as well - which will the first time to happen, if ever. So there, I am so white with envy, thinking of the fantastic time my previous co employees will have! Oh how I wish to be there too!


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