>> Monday, May 31, 2010

I once planned on taking short culinary courses when I was still in the Pi, after hearing so many good things about quick crash courses, we realized that maybe it's about time for us to expand, school wise and all. Actually, we were able to read about Florida Beauty School that offers numbers of courses when it comes to beauty and self improvement. Actually, my friend even got confused on what course to take up, until she realized that she wanted to broaden her knowledge when it comes to cooking and baking, well, yes, just like me! So there, we were supposed to inquire and planned of enrolling some time next year, until another life turn around decision was made. That I has to go somewhere else in order to find my greener pasture. So will my friend still pursue our plan? well, I really hope so! but for sure, I will be the one to tell her to do so. It'll be good for her, even she does it alone.


saturday 9

1. Have you ever had to confess something to a lover or friend?

:: yes of course.

2. How well do you handle rejection?

:: pretty well.

3. What makes you feel old?

:: home sickness and stress

4. What makes you feel young?

:: the thought of my family, my nieces and friends

5. What’s something you are old school about?

:: my thinking about life, in general.

6. What TV show’s seasons would you buy on DVD? Tell us why it rocks.

:: SATC, Greys Anatomy and Glee - hopefully

7. If you could create your own TV channel, what would it be?

:: no idea yet

8. Where do you like to go for a day trip?

:: shopping or nature tripping

9. Name some things that you still want to do in your life.

:: help my family, become rich and financially stable


I say … and you think … ?

  1. Labor :: holiday and hard work
  2. Sweater :: to keep me warm and cozy
  3. Five minutes :: of time on the phone, to hear your voice
  4. Treatment :: fair and justify
  5. Eyebrows :: well arched
  6. Awake :: in the wee hours of the morning
  7. Salmon :: expensive and yummy fish
  8. Red :: is passion
  9. Hospital :: where sick people go
  10. Midwife :: labor and giving birth

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>> Sunday, May 23, 2010

We were surprise to hear the news of our close friend recently experienced road accident, it was one major clash that made their car totally wrecked. Thank goodness none of them riding the said automobile were hurt or injured. It was a blessing in disguise after all, being saved from that experience made everyone thankful for being alive. But for those who experienced this kinds of accidents who sadly didn't make it alive are the ones I really pity, imagine those hit and run victims being flashed on the news, it really breaks my heart when the driver un-soulfully leaves their victims just like that. But for others who are quite lucky because they were just injured or hurt, I wonder if they have insurance to cover up for the experience. And if they have money to hire a professional who can help them fight for what they deserve to get after the accident. One good example is the Nebraska Personal Injury Attorneys. Known for the great job of winning every battles that has to do with injuries and accidents.


6 layers

– Name: Paula Canely/Pau-pau/Pau
– Birth date: June 20
– Birthplace: Philippines
– Current Location: Philippines
– Eye Color:Black
– Hair Color: Black
– Righty or Lefty: Righty

– Your heritage: Filipino
– The shoes you wore today: Flat Office Shoes
– Your weakness: Food LOL!
– Your fears: Losing someone from my family
– Your perfect pizza: Pizza Hut
– Goal you’d like to achieve in life: Get my immigrant visa and fly to be with my kuya and start to build a new career and life there. Take up baking classes. Pursue a masteral degree. Provide a good retirement for mom & dad. Pursue my advocacies.

– Your most overused phrase on AIM: sorry I don't use AIM
– Your first waking thoughts: deadlines!
– Your best physical feature: my smile hehehehehe!
– Your most missed memory: drinking and videoke sessions. bonding with family and friends

– Pepsi or Coke: COKE!
– McDonald’s or Burger King: Mc Donald's (Quarter Pounder)
– Single or group dates: Anything! basta may date! LOL!
– Adidas or Nike: Nike
– Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
– Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
– Cappuccino or coffee: Both


– A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: Princess Diana
– Movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors: Finding Nemo / My Bestfriend's Wedding
– Name two of your passions in life : Baking and Work
– Least favorite time of day: Morning


– Use hairspray or gel: gel for almost five years before I got my hair relaxed
– Your favorite meal: Filipino dishes/Pasta & Pizza/Cakes & Pastries
– Color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes: green
– Listen to classical music: Yes
– Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it: nope :)



happy and sad

What Makes Me Happy?

>> Family
>> Friends, good friends!
>> Career, Overtime and ANDA!
>> Videoke! Drinking Sessions
>> Travels with Family and Friends
>> Winter! Snow! Shawl! Kailangan na talagang mag-migrate!
>> Playing with Brent and Sam
>> My cakes!
>> Blogging! (Releases my tensions!) :)

What Makes Me Sad?

>> Losing Someone from my Family and Friends
>> Tragedies
>> Misunderstandings (Family and Friends)
>> Being Alone


missing 'em

I heard that most of my friends back home are frequently going out to see each other, usually on weekends, and really, it makes me jealous, knowing that I can't join them every time.
But the truth here is that I need to earn and save so that I can have the things that I dream ever since. And hopefully, after some years, I'd be able to do all of that (read: own a house, where my friends can come over every week, I'm thinking of getting inspirations from Tamarindo Real Estate or something). And there, until then, we'd be able to come and have great talks over coffee and cakes! Oh well, I miss my friends. That's the bottom line.


first and current tag

Thank you dharlz for this tag...

1. First piercing - Ears (still a baby when I had one)
2. First best friend - Eyps
3. First award - Math Quiz Bee I think
4. First crush - hahahaha! A.A.
5. First pet - Kuya Nanu! Joke! An arowana fish (that my kuya and I bought from our allowances and after three months, the fish jumped out of the aquarium and died!)
6. First big vacation - Baguio City (big na yan for me! hahaha!)

7. Eating - Cheezy Corn Crunch
8. Drinking - Water
9. I’m about to - finish a report prior to posting this
10. Listening to - The Warrior is a Child by Gary V. with Ninang Del humming with Gary
11. Plans for today - pick-up Kathleen's Gown, Grocery

12. Waiting for - Breaktime! Sleeping time
13. Want kid/s - N/A hahahaha!
14. Want to get married - Hope so! but if not ok na rin!
15. Careers in mind - Pastry Chef and perhaps a flower farmer on my retirement years

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Now am tagging : Kathycot, Kathy, Kath and Lou


another meme

Players: ALPHA / Kathycot / Pau

My roommate and I once: Hahaha! Walked in the rain from SM Manila up to Legarda
Never in my life have I: Answer back to my parents
High school was: Full of fun and adventure
When I’m nervous: I don't talk, I'm freezing
My hair: Almost waist-long waiting for hot oil hahahaha
When I was 5: I took the Grade 1 entrance exams. my grade 98/100!
When I turn my head left: I see Ninang Del watching PDA Season Two courtesy of Youtube!
I should be: Passing the Stock Movement Report but I haven't started yet
By this time next year: I might be relocated! hahaha!
My favorite aunt is: I love all of them, I'm their favorite!
I have a hard time understanding: Derivatives
You know I like you if: I always communicate with you and find time talking with you
My ideal breakfast is: pancakes, hashbrown and hot chocolates with tiny marshmallows
If you visit my home town: you'll see the Cross where Emilio Aguinaldo took his oath as the first president of the republic
If you spend the night at my house: I'll have you taste my Banana Crumb Muffin then "kwentuhan" all night
The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: pigs hahaha
I shouldn’t have been: eating much but I can't hahaha!
Last night I: read Harry Potter VII for the nth time (as usual I can't sleep!)
A better name for me would be: Simoune (hahaha!)
I’ve been told I look like: my dad :)
If I could have any car, it would be: Toyota Fortuner/Nissan Patrol

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Determining Auto Insurance Coverage

>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deciding whether or not to go for auto insurance is a no-brainer, since the law insists on it. The tricky part is figuring exactly how much auto insurance one needs, since governments often mandate only the minimum coverage, which is bodily injury and property damage. However tempting it might seem, minimum coverage will not really help in a major accident and you could end up paying out a huge chunk of your savings.

The saying goes that less insurance is no insurance at all, and it applies to auto insurance too. Raising the deductible component to lower premiums is a tried and tested technique, but it is definitely not a good idea if you wish to save trouble later. There are several factors that you would need to consider while deciding the extent of auto insurance coverage you need.

A new vehicle would require higher coverage to cover the investment. Comprehensive coverage is essential for more expensive vehicles. Another indicator is your net worth; opt for more insurance if your net worth is high as it can protect you in case of legal action. High net worth coverage is offered by most insurers and the premiums remain reasonable since claims are few. Umbrella policies are usually recommended by insurers themselves if the buyer's net worth exceeds a particular minimum.

If you drive very often in an accident-prone area, it would be wise to ensure adequate coverage. If you regularly have passengers in your car, especially young children, you might want to beef up the policy to cover their needs in the event of an accident.

The extra payment to boost your auto insurance might seem futile, but accidents can happen anytime. At that point in time you really wouldn't want to be bothered about finding funds to cover expenses. View insurance as an investment that will ensure you're not sorry later.


silver B

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

I happen to know that investing in gold is the most appropriate thing to do when it comes to getting yourself into that saving mode. Buying bulk gold or buy silver bullion an example, for we all know that the power of this investment is nowhere to fall down. Meaning, every year, the higher value it gets. But you worry on keeping such high value items? no worry! for there are companies that offers safe keeping of your investments! Thus making it locked up while the value of every piece rises! Now that's what you call getting rich without so much hassle.


100 truth tags

Thanks Ms. Cecile for sharing this with me.

001. Name → Paula Canely Tahimic Tamio
002. Nickname(s)
Pau, Pau-pau
004. Zodiac sign → Gemini
005. Male or female → Female.
006. Elementary → St. Augustine School
008. High School →
St. Augustine School
009. College School → San Sebastian College-Recoletos
010. Hair color → Black
011. Long or short → Long
012. Loud or Quiet → Loud, but Quiet when not in the mood
013. Jumpers or Jeans → Jeans.
014. Phone or Camera → Camera.
015. Health freak → I believe I'm not, but I am trying now.
016. Drink or Smoke? → Before both occasionally, now I already get rid of the smoking, and as for the drinking I'm still dealing with it hahaha!
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Yes, celebrity
018. Eat or Drink → Drink
019. Piercing → Ears.
020. Tattoos → Just henna

023. First piercing → when I was still a baby.
024. First best friend → April
025. First award → Outstanding Pupil

026. First crush →
027. First pet → Fish
028. First big vacation → Baguio
030. First big birthday → June 1989

049. Eating → Chips
050. Drinking → Water.
052. I'm about to → Sleep after finishing this
053. Listening to → the sound from TV
054. Plans for today → Work and finish some reports
055. Waiting for → A favorite Taiwanese Soap Opera.

058. Want kids? → Of course I want
059. Want to get married? → When the right man comes
060. Careers in mind → Farmer

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes.
070. Shorter or taller - Taller.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Neither
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice stomach.
074. Sensitive or loud→ Insensitive and quite.
075. Hook-up or relationship → Either of the two hahaha! Relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → Trouble Maker

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Yup
081. Ran away from home → Nope, I always go back
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → Nope
083. Killed somebody → No of course
084. Broke someone's heart → No I haven't, I am the one who is always broken hearted
085. Been arrested → Nope
087. Cried when someone died → Yes, I have a fear of losing someone I love

089. Yourself → Yes.
090. Miracles → Every day is a miracle.
091. Love at first sight → Yes
092. Heaven → Yes.
093. Santa Claus → When I was a kid
094. Tooth Fairy → No.
095. Kiss on the first date → can be

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yes, Departed loved ones
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Yes, but there is still some empty spaces
099. Do you believe in God → Yes I do
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people→ Tag everyone in my blogroll


50 first reactions

Mae, tagged me with this on facebook. I thought it would be nice to post this in my blog too. I miss you mae! Mwah!

1. Beer: RED HORSE
2. Food: Pasta? Pizza?
3. Relationships: ZERO
4. Your crush: ROB THOMAS
5. Power Rangers: RED, BLUE, PINK, BLACK, YELLOW
7. The President: NO COMMENT
8. Yummy: Pizza
9. Cars: LAMBO
10. Movie: Must see HP6
11. Halloween: Trick or Treat
12. Sex: SECRET
13. Religion: Catholic
14. Hate: Hot Weather
15. Fear: losing the people i love
16. Marriage: Uncertain
17. Blondes: Reese Witherspoon
18. Slippers: Islander
19. Shoes: Imelda
20. Asians: Interesting
21. Past time: reading/blogging
22. One night stand: Fling
23. Cell Phone: Ericsson
24. Smoke: pollution
25. Fantasy: ROYALTY
26. College: headaches
27. Highschool Life: wish I could go back
28. Pajamas: Rainy evenings only
29. Stars: Francis M (Three stars and a sun)
30. Fitness Center: Must be there
31. Alcohol: I miss it! Power drink
32. The word love: THE WORLD NEEDS IT
33. Friends: Love them so much
34. Money: Need it! Lots of it! hahaha!
35. Heartache: ALWAYS! Damn!
36. Time: must be used wisely
37. Divorce: too sad
38. Dogs: Pug!
39. Undies: Cotton only
40. Parents: Unconditional love
41. Babies: Cute
42. Ex: I wish I had
43. Song: Wishing Well (Can't get enough of Eheads)
44. Color: blue
45. Weddings: KP Creations hahhahaha!
46. Pizza: Yellow Cab 14"
47. Hangout: Office table hahaha!
48. ???
49. Goal: get my visa and start a new life as soon as possible
50. Inspiration: Family, Friends, Loved ones and those who appreciate me

I had a nice time answering this! Feel free to grab!


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