Inflicted with cough

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am sick, I have a very bad cough. I have been nursing a bedroom voice and an itchy throat for a couple of days now. I want to see a doctor but I opted to wait for the Annual Medical Check up. I just hope I'm still okay on the scheduled date of the check up. I wonder why it took so long to have it scheduled. I still have the difficulty in sleeping. I'm still looking at the window. Hmmm I think it would be better if we get window shutters.I would tell mom as soon as I get up from the bed.


Free Will

Every morning I used to watch a local morning show. There is segment there that discusses the daily horoscope for each Zodiac Signs. It is done by a very good astrologer. She would always say that horoscopes are just guide, and we are given free will and we should be using it. Free will is a very powerful word. It is defined philosophically according to a website as an ability or capacity to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. And in relation to this, a person is responsible for the effect of the course of action that he or she has chosen.

As a person we are all given the gift of free will. We have the freedom to choose but we also have the responsibility to what ever result our choices would breed. In this life we would make too many hard decisions. We would choose from a wide ray of options that would affect our lives. Picking the right decision could be very tricky. But we have family, we have friends, we have experiences that would help us and teach us or provides us with a clear view. But at the end of the day, the decision would still come from you and there is no one accountable for the decision that you’ve made except for you.


Finding love for Black BBW Singles

They say that you can find love at unexpected time and unexpected moments. They also say that loves sees no skin color, no size, no race, no nationality. When love strikes, you cannot resist it; you would give in to it. There is site for black bbw singles looking for dating relationships. Registration is free. You just have to upload your profile where those looking for BBW singles could browse it. With just a click of the mouse, a good relationship might bloom.


Going back to school

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

It has been seven years since I graduated from college. I have been telling my self this is the right time to seek new knowledge that would help me to grow effectively and efficiently as a professional. I have been working for several years now and the competition is getting though and to be able to cope with it, studying again is a very good solution. I can get another degree, but I guess I am too old to pursue another degree. What I am thinking about is getting a Master’s Degree. I know I am prepared for it since I have been gathering work experience since I graduated. What I don’t have is time. I cannot quit my job at this moment. We are back on normal operations so my Saturdays are not free anymore, plus we are again dealing with a two months report backlog. The only solution for my problem is to pursue my master’s degree from an online university. I heard of Capella University, an online university that offers not just Master’s or Doctor’s Degree but also Bachelor’s degree and certificates. Nice thing that you can pursue a degree right at the comfort of your homes and without compromising your schedules. The quest for knowledge should be never ending and should be a continuous process.

This post is based on the information provided by Blogitive. For more information please visit


Amy's Twin Surprise

I was having my baking marathon today for Lola Pura's death anniversary tomorrow. I took a peek in my blog to see a twin surprise from Amy. Thanks Amy, you really made my day. You have been a very sweet and generous friend. I am really grateful for this twin surprise. Thank you so so much! May the good Lord continue to bless you sis! Mwah!

Now to continue the legacy of generosity, I am passing this to my friends, Memae, Kathy, George, Claire, Sis Rose, Mye, Peach, Mommy Dharlz and all my blogging friends. Mwah to all!


Go organic for greener lawn

>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandma has a very big yard back home. She loves orchids and ornamental plants. And I tell you she got a green thumb so every plant that she gets hold of, will surely bloom. I guess I inherited her love for plants and flowers. I was also trained by her in the proper care of plants like watering (she would always say water the plants early morning and late afternoon, and make sure you don’t just wet the leaves, make sure that the roots are absorbing all the water! ), trimming the leaves and of course giving the plants enough fertilizers. She would always use organic fertilizer, she is very used to it since because it is all that she’s using when she was still young (no chemical fertilizer yet then). That is the best lesson that grandma thought me about plants. Because I inherited her passion for gardening, I also got a small garden at our backyard. I got several ornamental plants and orchids. I also got the half of the backyard covered with blue grass. But lately I have observed that the grass is not that green anymore, it seems like it lacks nutrients and I also saw some small patches in the area. I happen to come across ringer fertilizer for my quest to revive my lawn. It is organic so it contains no harmful chemicals. I am always into organic because organic fertilizers are safe for the environment and also for us people. It’s a little expensive though but I guess my lawn deserves the best natural cure because it gives me happiness and relaxation beyond compare. In the current state of Mother Earth, it is always the best to go organic especially for fertilizers to reduce the chemical fumes that are released to the air.


Ranches for Sale

>> Thursday, April 23, 2009

I’m always been a nature lover. Relaxation and recreation for me is synonymous to trips to the nature. I have always been fascinated with mountains, skies, greeneries and water. When I was still young, my grandfather used to have a small fishing property where he grows fresh water fishes. I often stay there every weekend because I feel very relaxed every time I spend the whole afternoon there. Now that I’m already grown up, the idea of it never left me, and I told myself that when my retirement come I would like to have one too. I really like to have a ranch where I would grow fruit trees and cows freely grazing around. Definitely my retirement year is still far, I’m still at the prime age and I still have enough time to save for it. But as early as now I can’t help myself to look for fishing properties for sale at the net. One time I was browsing the net when I happened to pass by a site that lists Ranches for sale. I find it very useful for prospective buyers, because the team is composed of experienced people in the property as well as recreational activities. One thing nice about it is that you could select the location of your choice, you just choose a state and they could provide you list of available properties that you can browse. It is important that the potential buyer would have an idea and eye view of what they offer before actually seeing the properties so he or she could narrow down their choices. There are a lot of advertisement for Land for sale but one should be very cautious. Good thing that there is a site that could offer the best help we could get.


Shoes for Little Brat

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Little Brat Brent is going to celebrate his birthday on the 22nd of April. Every time he would see me from work, he always asks me what my gift for him is. He was very determined get an answer from me, so I just ask him if he wanted shoes for his birthday. His face lighted up as he says yes. And take note, he told me he likes the one that he saw from Olin during Sam’s Birthday. The boy has really a taste for shoes because Olin was wearing Crocs Shoes at Sam’s party. And since I have promised the little brat, I have to look for cute Kids Shoes at the net. I happen to drop by, a site that sells different kinds of shoes not only for kids but also for different ages. The site also got different styles of shoes under the famous brands. They also got slippers and sandals. And for winter they got a good collection of boots. The site also gives reasonable prices for the items. They also offer free shipping charges for most of the items, which is a good deal. And one thing more, they don’t charge sales tax on your purchases. It saves me time and extra bucks since I don’t have to go to the mall just to get him a gift. But I am having second thought on saving the extra bucks because I have been looking at the gorgeous Converse Shoes. I have been looking at the blue plaid sneakers for such a long time. I can see that Brent and I would look good in those matching sneakers, but my wallet is having a hard time to agree hahaha!


Tape for relief

>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everyone experience muscle pains. Mainly because everyone may tend to overuse one’s muscles due to certain physical struggles. It is like one day, the elevator out of order and you have to climb the stairs up to the seventh floor of the building with your high heels. Or I bet one time you have to walk blocks to your workplace because of the heavy traffic. Just like me, our factory is block away from the zone’s gate so I have no choice but to walk from the gate to our factory every working day. Good thing because it can be a form of exercise but I think the distance is too far to be walked. Have you ever heard of kinesio tape? This are super thin athletic tapes, it is super thin because its thickness is about the thickness of the skin. It is also very elastic like the human skin. It is used for pain management, edema and preventive maintenance. The use of this tape is based on the natural healing process of the human skin. The taping was used before by athletes but now it has been an acceptable medical practice world wide. The tape is applied over the muscle to reduce the pain and inflammation of overused and tired muscles. What a relief for those who always have tired muscles. One thing more it is breathable and washable. You don't have to worry that it would loosen up when you took a shower.


Farewell again...

Abby would be leaving on Monday to be reunited with his boyfriend and eventually get married in May. We cannot be there to witness one of the special days in her life. Of course we are happy and of course we are supportive of her like we always do. But like in every farewell, sadness is felt in every corner. Abby has been the baby, she is very fragile and should always be taken good care of. When she cries, it would break your heart and if she laughs you would feel your heart laughing too. She could be childish in her tantrums but very much a lady. We all wish her well, and wish for a good and happy married life.

(L-R) Jay, Abby and Me during one of unplanned dinner getaways

one would be missing here soon...

L-R Abby, Joanne, Jay and Me with the ever dependable Stivo

I pray that she be well always. I hope she would never forget us (not like them, who never looked back again). Goodbyes would always be painful. I was never used to it. The friendship that we had is very special for all of us, I just hope it would remain until the rest of our lives. Our friendship never intent to dwell on personal matters if they want it that way, It would always be understanding just let us now. Our friendship does not require gifts, just let us know you are ok and you are fine. Our friendship is never ending, there are just absences but all we have to do is sit down, talk and catch up. Abby, we will miss you.


Single Parents in Dating

>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who says that there is no second chance in finding love? Everybody deserves a second chance, even single parents. For those dating single mothers and also dating single fathers, finding a special someone through internet has now found a new way. There is a site where single parents could create an account and meet new friends and eventually find new love. All is fair in love, even if someone ended up in a failed relationship before, he or she can find find a new love that can be kept for a lifetime.


Best Blogger Award 09

The ever Amiable Amy gave me this Best Blogger Award 09. Thanks Amy for always being generous in giving me awards as sign of appreciation of my work. Awards inspires me more but most of all it brightens my gloomy days. It is nice to know that my work is appreciated. Thanks sis!

Now I'm sharing this to all my blogging friends, to show them that I appreciate their passion and their friendship. Happy grabbing!


Chat for Catholics

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Religion would always be an issue in a relationship. Although some survived, most of those relationships with religion issue failed. In building relationships, whether romantic, platonic or plain friendship it is important that you share common belief. Now a day’s making friends or finding love is very easy with the help of the World Wide Web. You can find friends in chat room like Catholic Chat City can help Catholics like me to make new friends or even find a special someone. It is a chat room for Catholics where in they can start a conversation through chat, meet friend from around the globe. And I bet when you started to build a relationship you would touch the topic of religion. Religion is a very sensitive topic. Some people are more than sensitive about it. So thank the good Lord for having chat rooms like Catholic Chat City. And because in here you are meeting people who has the same beliefs that you have. You can discuss religious traditions and customs which you cannot do if you don’t belong to the same sect because you have to give the outmost respect to one’s religious practices. Discussing those could either make or break a blossoming relationship if you don’t share same religion. So for Catholics that needs some break from their stressful worlds, those who thinks that its time to explore for new friends, and those who want to look for a person that they could share their lifetime with I suggest you try to drop by Catholic Chat City. The good Lord really makes our lives easy; we just have to look for it.


What's in my bag

Got this bag tag from Mye just this morning, as I remember Amiable Amy also tagged me with this, but I was not able to post it. I'm too far from being OC, I just dump everything in my bag. When you see my bag in an order, that's a miracle! LOL!

So I'm sharing you a glimpse of my bag...

The rules are as follow:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we'd love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

I'm using this as my all-purpose bag (office bag, malling bag, bag of all events hahaha!). I don't know its cost, just take a closer look and do some rough estimates... hehehehe

And now take a glimpse of what's inside ....

Here is the list of what's inside my bag:

  1. My Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume (My favorite scent) courtesy of Kuya Greg (already consumed the first 100 ml, so now I am on the second 50 ml)
  2. My ever durable comb (old school)
  3. An old fan
  4. My hanky, I don't use girlie hanky, I use scarf.
  5. My Green Dockers Wallet which contains my ATM Card, few credit cards, my health card, and my favorite ID picture, it was a gift from my Ninang Tessie (with a generous amount of dollar inside when she gave it to me) (Green=Money hahaha)
  6. The headset for my CP
  7. My Make-up palette.
  8. My Lilo and Stitch Mirror, omiyage from my boss during one of his trip home to Japan.
  9. My Dior Prescription Glasses that I seldom use.
  10. Powder
  11. Coin purse
  12. My Memory Stick
Now I am tagging my friends, Kathy, Memae, Rose Cotrill, Mommy Dharlz and Peach :)


Weight Loss Surgery

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

For fat and obese (like me) it would always be a dream to loose weight in a fast and safe way. Loosing weight can be very demanding and stressful for the one who desire to shed not just the extra pounds but most of the pounds. If you are one of those, would be heaven sent to you. They are promoting lapband surgery. It is an easy and safe way to get rid of the pounds that has been burdening the obese in their entire life. They make sure that they provide the needs of the large patients all the way to the gowns, rooms and the procedures. Patients can be assure of the weight loss conroe offers the best and safest procedure one can dream about.


The Blogger Award from Amy :)

I know I have been out for a while in the blogging scene. Blame it on my addiction for farm town hahaha! Just this morning I found out that my ever amiable friend AMY has given me this Blogger Award. It was supposed to be a pre Easter gift from her, but since I was not able to post it before, it became a post-Easter gift. But as they say it's better late than never. Thank you so much Amy, you never failed to put a smile on my face. I wish you well friend! :)

Now to pass on the generosity of Amy, I'm passing this to all of my friends, especially Memae, Kathy, Mye, Peach, Mommy Dharlz and all included in my list :)

Love you all!


Garden Makeover

I always love nature, plants and greeneries. I find them very relaxing. I always dream of coming home from work, walk out of a door that leads to my well landscaped garden. Now that it is busy season and every day is torture with all the pressures of internal and external reports and requirements, wanting for a place of relaxation is growing stronger. And just like me, a friend of mine also wants to have her backyard to be landscaped. She wants a Japanese inspired garden that she saw in one of those gardening magazines. She also wants a Koi pond to be placed in the middle of her garden. She loved Koi fishes, I remember when we were still in grade school, every time our teacher would ask her to draw her dream house, and a pond would always be in the middle of her drawing. As if it would never be complete with out the pond and the school of fishes. Just this morning, I got a call from her, asking me to help her find a San Diego landscaper that could help her transform her backyard to her dream garden. She is asking me for some tips on having a landscaper since she knows that I had them before. I told her that it would be the best to secure a service contract which I think would be beneficial for her and the other party. Improvements for home like landscaping require quite a big sum of money so it is better to get the best one to do the job.


Another KP's creation

I should have posted this weeks ago, but I have been too busy with some stuffs (farm town, pet society and tax reports hahaha!). Kathy and I got an order for 65 pcs cup cakes to be used as souvenir for a christening. Being in a time constraint, we had to pay extra bucks for the freight charges for the boxes since we are not available to pick the boxes personally (Kathy and I got a very hectic schedule that week). Adding more pressure is that we have to prepare the cuppies a day ahead because the client wanted it to be pick-up on the eve of the Christening day, good thing that I don't have work that day. The theme for the event is blue, so we created chocolate cup cakes topped with blue frosting and Kathy sprinkled mini color coated chocolates. Then we added a small picture of Baby Johanne as an accent. We got blue and silver acetate boxes for packaging. As I looked at the pictures of our work, I never imagined that we are the one who made it. Until now I never imagined that I would be in to it. For more pictures, you could click my partner's FLICKER site.


Pregnancy worries

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

When Kathy got pregnant two years ago, she got a lot of worries about her baby. It was very understandable for first time mom like her. There are a lot of worries and questions. She worries if she is eating right, is the baby getting enough nutrients. She also starts to think if she would have a baby girl or a baby boy. Aside from it she also thinks of converting the other room to a nursery and start worrying of what color to paint, what color of beddings and baby furniture to buy. As the pregnancy progress, more questions popped out of the mother’s mind. I found a site that can be useful for parents to be, most especially for the first timers where in every little detail about pregnancy and the baby excites us. I would recommend for parents to be because it would be very useful to them. They could be useful from the start of pregnancy because they can provide you tips on how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, how to prepare for the delivery emotionally, financially and physically. The site also contains baby names so parents to be can choose names. The gift of life is very important. It is nice to have a very informative site like parents that could help parents to be in one of the most important stages in their life.


My Prayer

When laziness for work strikes me, this is where I get my strength. Just like now :)

The Lord is my real boss and I shall want.
He gives me peace, when chaos is all around me.
He gently reminds me to pray and do all things without murmuring and complaining.
He reminds me that he is my source and not my job.
He restores my sanity everyday and guides my decisions that I might honor him in all that I do.
Even though I face absurd amounts of emails, system crashes, unrealistic deadlines, budget cutbacks, no wage increase, gossiping co-workers, discriminating supervisors and an aging mind and body that doesn’t cooperate every morning, I still will not stop for He is with me.
His presence, His peace and His power will see me through.
He raises me up, even when they fail to promote me.
His faithfulness and love is better than any bonus check.
His retirement plan beats every 401k there is!
When it’s all said and done, I’ll be working for Him a whole lot longer and for that, I Bless his name!


Farm Town Madness

Take a glimpse of my farm in Farm Town. Got hooked with this, thanks to Kathy. A nice break from my stressful office life.


Time for some remodeling

I have been thinking of remodeling for the longest time. There are some things that I want to change in our house. But then again because of the financial constraint, I’m postponing the idea of having our house remodeled. But of you are really thinking of giving your house a new look, I think you should go to They are offering various remodeling and additions jobs. Some of services that they offer in which they are specialist are room additions, garage conversions, replacement of windows and doors, customized cabinets, shelves and entertainment centers. Renovations for kitchen and bathrooms are also in their list of specialized services. As we all know, remodeling requires a big amount of money. At these times we should be sure that we are getting the most out of the money that we shell out. And in order to minimize the money that we shell out, renovation should be well planned. Austin Remodeling would be a great help to homemakers that wishes to enhance their homes. Just make sure that before entering a remodeling and renovation project, be sure that it is well planned and you have enough sources so that it would lessen the time and cost that you might be consuming. Change is something constant in this world. Everyone desires for it once in awhile. There is nothing wrong about it as long that it is to enhance one’s good quality. So bear in mind that it’s ok to upgrade your bedroom or to have your bathroom remodeled as long as it would increase its aesthetic value.


Bonding with Friends

Met up with my high school friends last Friday. We just drove to the nearby city and had an Italian dinner. I was full with their Iced Tea (I ordered bottomless) so I barely touched the pasta and the pizza. Abby who long for something sweet, did not consume half of her order. Good thing Leo was there to eat it all up. While waiting for our order, we thought of taking pictures of our hands since Leo and Jay's hand looks more like of a woman than our hands. Now, could you guess what's my hand in this photo?


Unbearable Summer Heat

>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am not really comfortable with the summer weather. I don't like warm weather, as a matter of fact I seldom drink hot coffee nor take soup. I remember one time Kuya and I got stock in a traffic on our way to visit Brent in the hospital. It was summer then so the sun is really up. The traffic was really horrible, and it was past noon. We set the aircon to the lowest temperature possible, the first half hour of the traffic, the aircon was functioning well but the next half hour, the aircon suddenly experienced some trouble with its air conditioning compressor. The summer heat became unbearable, I think we both lost pounds during that trip. Funny thing is, a traffic enforcer has given Kuya a warning because he took off his shirt while driving. I told him to visit and have the aircon repairs so next time he would not take his shirt off anymore while driving, who knows he may end up penalized because of indecency LOL!


I Love Your Blog Award

I have been so busy with work this pass few weeks and I barely update my blog. What's nice in having good friends like Amy is that they never failed to appreciate my works and my passion. Thanks sis for this heartfelt award. I hope you're feeling well now! Take care always! :)

So here's the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated!

I am sharing this award to my friends:
  1. Kathy
  2. George
  3. Memae
  4. Hipag Elay
  5. Mye
  6. Peachkins
  7. Rose C.


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