Tape for relief

>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everyone experience muscle pains. Mainly because everyone may tend to overuse one’s muscles due to certain physical struggles. It is like one day, the elevator out of order and you have to climb the stairs up to the seventh floor of the building with your high heels. Or I bet one time you have to walk blocks to your workplace because of the heavy traffic. Just like me, our factory is block away from the zone’s gate so I have no choice but to walk from the gate to our factory every working day. Good thing because it can be a form of exercise but I think the distance is too far to be walked. Have you ever heard of kinesio tape? This are super thin athletic tapes, it is super thin because its thickness is about the thickness of the skin. It is also very elastic like the human skin. It is used for pain management, edema and preventive maintenance. The use of this tape is based on the natural healing process of the human skin. The taping was used before by athletes but now it has been an acceptable medical practice world wide. The tape is applied over the muscle to reduce the pain and inflammation of overused and tired muscles. What a relief for those who always have tired muscles. One thing more it is breathable and washable. You don't have to worry that it would loosen up when you took a shower.


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