Happy Hearts Day

>> Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hearts Day everyone!

I'm happy to see the flowers and chocolates that are coming here in the office. I love the smiles in the faces of my officemates! I think that would be a good business next year!

Day five... I'm moving on, I hope I'll be alright soon, very very soon. If only I could make it very fast.



>> Monday, February 11, 2008

I wasn't able to hold my tears yesterday when someone asked me why I was not in my usual cheerful mood. It was from someone that I didn't expect to notice the sadness that is escaping in my eyes.

It has been three long days since that day. I am trying so hard to conceal my loneliness because I am known to be a person of laughter, someone who would just laugh off everything.

I know I should be happy for her but I can't without feeling this way and what makes it more difficult is that no single soul understands why. I might laugh out hard, smile to everyone, makes all the people around me happy but at the end of the day, I am still a human being and I am inevitably vulnerable to pain. I long for a hug, a simple hug that would mean that I can get through this. An assurance that what I am going through today will soon pass.


Busy Week

I have a very busy week because of the financial statement audit. Preparations of Audit schedule and other documents!


Chocolates anyone?

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February, love month...

Perfect time for our business. May and I are selling chocolates for valentines. Thanks to Kuya Yoej and Kuya Rod our purchaser and thank you to sales department for always putting Sanyo Denki into their delivery schedule!

Chocolates anyone? hahahahaha!


Finally... Mae as Mrs. Dy!

Yehey! Finally, Mae is days away from being Mrs. Phillip Dy! I am very much excited and happy for my dear friend Mae who is leaving for the states this February 08. After almost 10 years, at last she would with his Papa Ipe for good.

Last night we had this sort of "KTV Despedida Party" for her. Dulce and Chey plus Jay were the early birds followed by Kathy and me. Then came the future bride and AC (hahahaha!) Mae with our bunso (EM-our dorm mate way back review days in Legarda). But the big surprise of them is Rea whom most of them weren't seeing for a very long time. The night was full of music, food and of course pictures courtesy of Kathy's ever precious Nikon Camera! (Naks!)

As I remember, Mae kept her relationship with Phillip from us, I guess only few knew it. I come across with it by accident, when we were reviewing for the board exams. There was a computer shop next to our dormitory, Mae would usually spend time there most especially during the 30th of the month. I wondered but I didn't asked. It was then, if my recollection is right May 30 that I found out her secret because she forgot to sign out form the messenger and I read the happy anniversary greeting. Caught unguarded, she has no choice but to tell me the truth. From then on I started calling her "Love ni Phillip Dy", i even change her name on my mobile phone contacts.

I know the almost ten years of their relationship they are apart from each other, so now that they would be united very soon, I wish them all the best in this world! I know Mae is a bit sad because most of her friends and family would not be there for the special date but there is Philippine Wedding coming soon I'm sure!

Best Wishes Mae and Phillip! I wish for a good family life ahead of you! A lot of children to come (I'm imagining her looks if she would read this!). Your love story is truly one of a kind!


Somebody is leaving...

>> Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I hate it when somebody leaves. It really breaks my heart most especially when that someone has established a connection with me. I was never successful in holding my emotions when somebody leaves, I may look calm but given a time alone, my calmness is surfaced by tears.

Someone is about to leave. Actually there are two of them. The sad part is they are both dear to my heart.

One is a very dear friend since college. Way back then we are not that close, I find her guts intimidating, but I still have to deal with her courteously. When we became officemate, it was where the friendship started. Yes she is still the same intimidating and demanding lady but her sweetness, charm, wit and LOVE outshines it all. She is not only an officemate, she was our financial adviser, personal accountant, official shopper (she loves it when you ask her to do some shopping for you, she doesn’t mind carrying all those stuff from the mall to her house and then to the office). She has that distinctive “gigil” remarks that we love. We will surely miss the songs that she usually sings and then all of a sudden we would all have a last-song syndrome. And who would not miss her frequent trips to the rest room for some concert sessions? If only she could stay longer. But who does not want a professional growth for a friend? As a friend I have mixed emotions, I want her to stay but at the same time I’m happy that she’s about to leave for a much better opportunity. My prayers are for her to reach her dreams and this is the start of it. I hope she takes care of herself well. I just have one wish; it is for her to keep us in her heart.

We call him daddy. He would come to office with eyes half opened and greet us “Good Morning” with a very distinctive Japanese Accent. Then we would asked him, “No sleep again?” then he would laugh hard. We usually get his ice cubes from his freezer and when he would knew about it, he would fake a angry voice but later laugh when we all say sorry. He often brags about his high tech gadgets like a Nintendo Gameboy that has this giant Mario Brothers game. Imagine a 60-year old playing Nintendo. We often caught him playing Spider Solitaire but then he would say that he is playing a 4-suite game. He would smoke packets of cigarettes everyday, and flattered every time we would scold him and tell him that it would do him no good. He can drink bottles of wines everyday but he can still come to office the following day. So how can we not miss our daddy?

We cannot stop ourselves not to feel bad when somebody leaves, but then distance will not be an issue as long as we keep the person in our heart.

To Mela and Daddy, adieu…. Till we meet again.


Last Night

>> Monday, February 4, 2008

What I went through last night was painful, and I went through it alone which makes it more painful. For the first time in my life I felt that I was alone.

When I hand the envelope to him last night, it was then I realized that I was handing him not just the envelope but also her. It took me that one big blow to realize that I should go back to where I should be.

The pain was enormous, as I turn my back from them, my tears started to fall. At that moment I wish heaven would fall upon me.

I'm trying to be calm, I'm trying to be alright. I know I would but I don't know how soon.

Some would not understand my feelings, simply because they find it improper and inappropriate. I myself knew that. One lesson that I learned, I don't have the right, hence I should not.


First Post

Finally, my first post. Just like a new delivered baby, here is my first ever post. After tons of convincing powers exerted by my loving friend Kathy, I was finally convinced to create my own blog.

Hope you would find time to read my thoughts, my stories, my secret and anything that may run into my mind.

Till my next post!


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