Finally... Mae as Mrs. Dy!

>> Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yehey! Finally, Mae is days away from being Mrs. Phillip Dy! I am very much excited and happy for my dear friend Mae who is leaving for the states this February 08. After almost 10 years, at last she would with his Papa Ipe for good.

Last night we had this sort of "KTV Despedida Party" for her. Dulce and Chey plus Jay were the early birds followed by Kathy and me. Then came the future bride and AC (hahahaha!) Mae with our bunso (EM-our dorm mate way back review days in Legarda). But the big surprise of them is Rea whom most of them weren't seeing for a very long time. The night was full of music, food and of course pictures courtesy of Kathy's ever precious Nikon Camera! (Naks!)

As I remember, Mae kept her relationship with Phillip from us, I guess only few knew it. I come across with it by accident, when we were reviewing for the board exams. There was a computer shop next to our dormitory, Mae would usually spend time there most especially during the 30th of the month. I wondered but I didn't asked. It was then, if my recollection is right May 30 that I found out her secret because she forgot to sign out form the messenger and I read the happy anniversary greeting. Caught unguarded, she has no choice but to tell me the truth. From then on I started calling her "Love ni Phillip Dy", i even change her name on my mobile phone contacts.

I know the almost ten years of their relationship they are apart from each other, so now that they would be united very soon, I wish them all the best in this world! I know Mae is a bit sad because most of her friends and family would not be there for the special date but there is Philippine Wedding coming soon I'm sure!

Best Wishes Mae and Phillip! I wish for a good family life ahead of you! A lot of children to come (I'm imagining her looks if she would read this!). Your love story is truly one of a kind!


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