The Pink Sisterhood Tag

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was tagged by my blogger friend Mommy Dharlz Thank you so much for this tag. Now, let's spread the Breast Cancer Awareness, guys! So, here's what you need to do:

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Now, it is my turn to pass the torch to my sisterhoods: Kath, Peach, Claire, Yileen, Lou, Mye and Rose


Trip down the memory lane

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

My friends and I met for some sort of Dinner cum reunion. Although we are just four, Bush, Leo, Joanne and I; we really had a good time and good laughs. It’s good to reminisce the so called “good old days”. We’ve walked down the memory lane and try to recall all our adventures and misadventures.

The name of our barkada is “Pamilya Arkanghel”. We originally composed of more than twenty, but now were just down to less than ten, sometimes five and the worst four. Some migrated to the US and eventually forgot about us not all but some of them (Very sad, but true. No emails, no phone calls, no invitations for their special days and the worst even no information that they had their vacation here.), some got married and seldom sees us and maybe some are simply out of reach.

The first thing that we laughed about was our high school romances. Some of the barkada are now married if not are into serious relationships. One of the single in the barkada is Leo simply for the reason that his standards are as high as the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. We often tell him to be realistic so he can finally get a girlfriend. Since high school he still eyed for the same girl, also one of our barkada before. We told him that the girl according to what we heard from her new set of friends is getting married this January, so we advise him to eye for new one. But he insisted of sticking to it! Stubborn Leo! If I know he loves someone and I know who she is! Clue: I’ve already mentioned her name! hahaha! Then the ball was passed to Bush, we reminded him of his used to be girlfriend. Actually theirs was a very serious one, it lasted for almost eight years I think and it ended too painfully more than four years ago (If I’m not mistaken). They are both married now and both have their children. We even recalled their romantic lines and even tried to sing their theme song. I told him that maybe their children would continue their love story. They didn’t forget to tease me about my own high school romance! My first ever heart ache that took me five long years to get over with! Now when I remember it, I just laugh off. Not to think that I was really traumatized by it!

Our barkada would always organized outings and Christmas parties most especially during those times that we are still intact. We had our great laughs when we remember our outing in a resort some where in Silang, Cavite. We forgot our food for that outing and I have no choice but to go to my Lola’s house to ask her to cook for us. Fortunately my lola showered us with a lot of food if not we will are starved to death. One thing more is that we left our cottage in total wreck, with dirty linens, flooded bathroom and broken lights. We are wondering if we are still welcome to return to the said resort. We are afraid that we are banned in there! Hahaha! Another misadventure that we had was also in a resort. We booked our selves in one of the resort in Indang, we got just one cottage because we are told that it can accommodate 15 persons, but to our surprised, the room was only good for four persons. We end up sleeping like sardines, girls in the bed with their feet hanging and boys sleeping on the floor. Now we realize that we are too stupid not to ask for another room!

It really feels good to reminisce the good old days, how we wished that we could experience the same again, but unfortunately we cannot and all that we have are good memories that we can looked back.


Are they having an affair or not?

I was asked, “Pau, are they having an affair?!” I was surprised and I also got myself thinking, do they really have an affair?

How to tell if they are really having an affair? Actually I believe that if our co-workers are having affairs, if it is not messing with their work and if we are not the HR and we are not being affected it’s none of our business. But naturally, we can’t help but talk about it. They say that a workplace is the number one breeding ground for illicit affairs. I agree with that because you and your co-worker are together for a minimum of eight hours a day, five times a week. Possibly a much longer time that one can spend compared to the time one could have for his or her partner. And in most cases the longer time we spend with someone the much more possibility that we fell for that someone, because certainly you’ll see more of that person, talk with that person, eat with that person etc. etc.

Going back to my question, how to tell if they are having an affair? I’m talking based on personal experiences and observations from all the previous company that I worked for and also my current company. It would all start with suspicions, we feel something different in them, the way they talk with each other, the way they approach each other and even in the way that they look at each other but mind you, your first suspicions would not always be the right pair, in some point you’ll be surprised to found out that you matched the wrong pair. Those having illicit work place affairs would try their very best to conceal their relationship basically because of consequences that they might face if it would come out. They may be charge with administrative cases such as immorality and others. They would be discreet in showing their affection and care for each other. But for an observable eye, no matter how discreet they are, you could still see it. Try to observe the way that they hand an item, try to catch their eyes. The affection, no matter how hard they conceal it, their eyes would always speak of it. Another to look for is the best buddy. They would keep it from everyone but there would always be a secret keeper in the company, the one that would be their accomplice. I have been a secret keeper before and to tell you, it is not an easy job, aside from your conscience always bugging you, you would also feel the burden of the relationship although you’re not the one directly involved with it. Usually this is the person that one may use as reason or alibi. The secret keeper could be his best buddy or her best friend, but don’t limit it to them, it could be anyone, but in most cases it is them. These persons can also be used to transmit messages if communicating is not possible. Another thing is, you could see them in your work place’s unexpected areas at unexpected hours. These are mostly areas where people seldom go. This could be a seldom used conference room, remote work area or even the backyard garden.

Before I really don’t believe in this, but when I saw the real thing, I realized it really exists. In my years of working in companies, I have proved that some of my observations are wrong, but most of the time it is right, some even admit it.

I almost forgot observation may vary if it involves both of your friends or if your feeling is messing with your objectivity. Now I’m really torn in believing in my observations or not. My heart hopes it is not but my mind says it’s the other way around.


Viral Tag

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank you so much Amy for this tag! Now I pass this to Kath, Mommy Dharlz, Yileen, Rose and Mye

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Mae's Special Day

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She's mean, she is mataray, she's a certified OC she would always scold me but still she loves me so much. I miss you so much Mae! I know it's your first birthday away from your dear family and friends but the best part of it you're celebrating it with the love of your life! Even if you're miles away from us, the love that we have for you would never change. Happy Birthday Bakla! All the best for you and Phillip! I love you! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!


Busy Partner

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My partner in crime May is currently taking up care giving course. I saw her this morning seriously doing something. I thought she was just watching her "Taiwanese boyfriend" at the net (well that's the first thing in the morning that makes her busy! her boyfriend Jay is just on the second thing! hahaha! poor Jay!) but I was wronged. She was preparing a meal for her anemic and underweight patient! she was planning a meal and computing the calories intake for their on hand cooking demo later this afternoon. Another surprise May is cooking! I wonder what would be the taste! hehehe!

As far as I know, anemic patients are advised to take small frequent meals instead of large meals. They are also encourage to take dark leafy vegatables like malunggay (we have this in our factory backyard and it is not just maintained for healthy purposes but also for some "Other" purposes according to my source hahaha! chismosa!), broccoli, asparagus, snow peas. They are also advised to have fish, lean meats, eggs, mussels (we have a lot of this in Cavite! Mabuhay ang mga tahong!), oysters and other shellfishes plus organ meats like liver. They must also include foods with high calorie dense like milk and other milk related products. Also they can have peanuts, dates, raisins and other dried fruits. Lastly the fruits that they should put emphasis are the likes of bananas, mangoes and grapes.

Now I'm beginning to wonder what are the foods that she would be including in her menu? And the taste? hehehe! Good luck to her patient! hahaha! Joke part!


A Very Special Award from a very special friend

>> Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thank you so much mare for this! I love you! :)


Award from Amy :)

>> Saturday, October 4, 2008

I received this award from Amiable Amy (Thanks sweety)

Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:

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Now I'm giving this award to the following, keep it up girls! - Kathy - Rose - Lou - Mye - Yileen - Dharlz -Claire - Eds - Rosa - Peach


Sentiments... Sentiments... Hahaha!

>> Thursday, October 2, 2008

Being single and unattached is something that I never complained about. I always look at the brighter side of it and it seems that I am very much contented about being one.

They say that if you're single you have a lot of time for many things. Yup I can work till midnight, which I usually do. I can discover new hobbies and interest. I can extend hours on things that I love to do. They also say that you have plenty of time for a lot of people. I've always be the first one to be picked to run errands for my family and friends, which I love, I don't complain :). I always make sure that I am on call every time my friends need me for some serious and not so serious talks. They can always count on me for some emergency malling and drinking sessions. I make time to post comments and messages for my blogger friends. I know I wouldn't be able to do these things if I am not single.

But just like anything else, there is always a disadvantage. Now that I am aging (very harsh!) I'm beginning to realize the "agony" of being single. Most of my friends are married if not are on serious relationships. I can't tug them on emergency malling or drinking sessions because they have family or partners to consider and prioritize which I very much understand. I know they want to go with me but I also know that they have to think of their own families and partners.

Just like here at the office, I'm the only one single and unattached (except for the MB Kuya Rustan who keep his girls from us). I'm usually left alone after office hours.

Here are samples of our lines every 5:45 pm:

CRIZZY: "Ma'am andyan na si Earl"
CLOUIE: "Ma'am andun na po sa Umigpaw si Rap"
CARIZ: "Mahirap sumakay hanggang 6:45 lang. Tatamaan pa sa akin si Atong"
MAMA DEL: "Nagtetext na si Lito e"
TE CONS: "Naku ang dyowa ko nakasakay na sa school bus, iniintay na kami Chloe"
MAYA: "Tams nagpasundo na ako kay Jay"/"May pasok pa ako e"
MAMA JOY: "Ta Fe una na po ako" (exactly 5:45pm on the bundy clock)
MADAM FE: "Ladies una na ko, punta pa kaming Ligtong"
KUYA TAN: "Oy uwi na, naku si Mama Joy di man lang kami inantay ni Juday"
STEVE: "Mama, uwi na ako, pasok pa"

ETO ANG LINYA KO: "Sige maiwan na naman ako, ganto talaga ang walang love life, Overtime hanggang 10:45!, pag may lovelife walang OT!"

Hahaha! I really don't mind working alone, but sometimes it is sad to be alone. Good thing there are some spirits wandering around the office hahaha!

I accept the fact that some people are meant to spend their life without someone. And I also accept the fact that I may spent my life without someone. I am happy being single and I thank my family and friends for being there when I need them. I'm grateful to my friends' partner/spouse who understand every time I would ask some bonding time with their partner/spouse's (most specially to Pareng Amiel, Jay, Kuya Ayie and Kuya Lito).

But at the end of the day, when they are all gone I must admit there is still an empty space that only a special someone can fill. But having nobody is much better than having somebody who is half yours, half there or doesn't want to be there or is there but suddenly disappears. If that's the case, it's better to be self-supporting!


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