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>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

My friends and I met for some sort of Dinner cum reunion. Although we are just four, Bush, Leo, Joanne and I; we really had a good time and good laughs. It’s good to reminisce the so called “good old days”. We’ve walked down the memory lane and try to recall all our adventures and misadventures.

The name of our barkada is “Pamilya Arkanghel”. We originally composed of more than twenty, but now were just down to less than ten, sometimes five and the worst four. Some migrated to the US and eventually forgot about us not all but some of them (Very sad, but true. No emails, no phone calls, no invitations for their special days and the worst even no information that they had their vacation here.), some got married and seldom sees us and maybe some are simply out of reach.

The first thing that we laughed about was our high school romances. Some of the barkada are now married if not are into serious relationships. One of the single in the barkada is Leo simply for the reason that his standards are as high as the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. We often tell him to be realistic so he can finally get a girlfriend. Since high school he still eyed for the same girl, also one of our barkada before. We told him that the girl according to what we heard from her new set of friends is getting married this January, so we advise him to eye for new one. But he insisted of sticking to it! Stubborn Leo! If I know he loves someone and I know who she is! Clue: I’ve already mentioned her name! hahaha! Then the ball was passed to Bush, we reminded him of his used to be girlfriend. Actually theirs was a very serious one, it lasted for almost eight years I think and it ended too painfully more than four years ago (If I’m not mistaken). They are both married now and both have their children. We even recalled their romantic lines and even tried to sing their theme song. I told him that maybe their children would continue their love story. They didn’t forget to tease me about my own high school romance! My first ever heart ache that took me five long years to get over with! Now when I remember it, I just laugh off. Not to think that I was really traumatized by it!

Our barkada would always organized outings and Christmas parties most especially during those times that we are still intact. We had our great laughs when we remember our outing in a resort some where in Silang, Cavite. We forgot our food for that outing and I have no choice but to go to my Lola’s house to ask her to cook for us. Fortunately my lola showered us with a lot of food if not we will are starved to death. One thing more is that we left our cottage in total wreck, with dirty linens, flooded bathroom and broken lights. We are wondering if we are still welcome to return to the said resort. We are afraid that we are banned in there! Hahaha! Another misadventure that we had was also in a resort. We booked our selves in one of the resort in Indang, we got just one cottage because we are told that it can accommodate 15 persons, but to our surprised, the room was only good for four persons. We end up sleeping like sardines, girls in the bed with their feet hanging and boys sleeping on the floor. Now we realize that we are too stupid not to ask for another room!

It really feels good to reminisce the good old days, how we wished that we could experience the same again, but unfortunately we cannot and all that we have are good memories that we can looked back.


dharlz October 28, 2008 at 11:27 PM  

helloo dear,.. got tags for you...

please help spread the word...

chubskulit October 29, 2008 at 7:57 AM  

good memories are always good to have... I'm on the same boat as yours but can't go back to where and what i was before.. Mommy na ako ngayon and they're my # 1 now...

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