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>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My partner in crime May is currently taking up care giving course. I saw her this morning seriously doing something. I thought she was just watching her "Taiwanese boyfriend" at the net (well that's the first thing in the morning that makes her busy! her boyfriend Jay is just on the second thing! hahaha! poor Jay!) but I was wronged. She was preparing a meal for her anemic and underweight patient! she was planning a meal and computing the calories intake for their on hand cooking demo later this afternoon. Another surprise May is cooking! I wonder what would be the taste! hehehe!

As far as I know, anemic patients are advised to take small frequent meals instead of large meals. They are also encourage to take dark leafy vegatables like malunggay (we have this in our factory backyard and it is not just maintained for healthy purposes but also for some "Other" purposes according to my source hahaha! chismosa!), broccoli, asparagus, snow peas. They are also advised to have fish, lean meats, eggs, mussels (we have a lot of this in Cavite! Mabuhay ang mga tahong!), oysters and other shellfishes plus organ meats like liver. They must also include foods with high calorie dense like milk and other milk related products. Also they can have peanuts, dates, raisins and other dried fruits. Lastly the fruits that they should put emphasis are the likes of bananas, mangoes and grapes.

Now I'm beginning to wonder what are the foods that she would be including in her menu? And the taste? hehehe! Good luck to her patient! hahaha! Joke part!


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