Recession worries

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

I was outside admiring the beauty of our neighbor's Christmas Display when my phone rang. I know it was one of my boss thanks to the personalized ring tone that I assigned to his name. I thought he would just tell me that he was caught on traffic and he ran out of things to do inside the car or probably he would just let me hear his favorite song playing so I would tease him regarding his complicated love life.

But when I answered the phone his voice was different, it sounded worried and serious. I asked why, he said to me that he just came from a visit to one of our client. It was a European owned company that produces automated parts of cars etc. He told me that the company has cut-off its working days into four days because of the global recession.

As we all know the recession already affected the European and Asian Market. And with all honestly the companies like the one where I work for are severely affected. One of our top Japanese owned customer who manufactures information equipments (probably one of you owns some gadgets that they manufacture) has cut their production by 50 percent so that's probably more or less 20 percent less of our monthly sales. And our number one customer was reportedly retrenching its workforce. And as for us, it was proposed to cut the working hours and to be strict in overtime to cut the electric bill. And sad to say they are planning to lay-off the operators under agency because of lessen volume production.

Too bad this had to happen at this time. Its Christmas yet people are losing their jobs, companies are closing. This is supposed to be a happy and festive season. I'm praying that this would end soon not just for us working in export industry but for everyone.


Granting Emma's Request

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

My good Kumare Emma left a comment on my last post and she requested to include their pictures. And because I love her so much, I'm granting her request.


Syteline ERP 7.0 Training

I have blogged before that our company finally decided to have a computerized system after its more than 10 years of existence! hahahaha!

They have chosen Syteline ERP 7.0. It has several modules and according to our Big Boss we are one of the few who would implement all the modules if ever here in the Philippines. To start our system integration they have chosen several people from different departments who undergone academic training for the Syteline ERP.Trainings were held every Tuesdays and Thursdays for the past 5 months.

And finally the academic training ended. We got our certificates and being the only participant who completed all the modules, I was able to get a special citation, kaya lang walang cash hahaha!

Unfortunately the progress of the system integration was put on hold because of problems involving JPMED (our hardware provider) but hopefully it would resume January of next year.


KP Creations for Hailey

>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is very late post. Here is our latest creation for our "KP Creations" (",)

We made this for the christening of Hailey. Its a chocolate cupcake topped with yellow icing and tiny hearts.

Hoping for more orders to come hahaha!


And then came Mommy Dharlz's awards...

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas time is truly on its way and my friend Mommy Dharlz sent me two early christmas gifts. Thanks Mommy Dharlz mwah!

The Rules:
1. Each blogger must post this rules.
2. You need to choose ten people to be awarded and list their names.
3. Don't forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

I want to give these awards to Kath, Amy, Mye, lou, Peach, Yileen, Rose, Rosa, Misty, Shy and all my friends. Feel free to grab! :)


She surprised me!

Before I have my break time nap today, I checked my YM, I saw one of my friends who is now based in US is online.

Pau: Happy Birthday! Hahaha!
Bukas pa pala! hahaha!
Ano ba number mo nang matawagan kita dyan so i could greet you Happy Birthday!

I wonder she haven't send her reply immediately. So I just proceed with my nap.

I woke up 5 minutes before 1:00 pm. When I checked my YM there was a reply.

Yen: Hi Pau! Sorry I went out kase
Sa bahay ni kuya ang celebration
I'm getting married
next month

Wow! I was surprised! I didn't expect it to hear it so soon.

I remember years before, I was still praying for my three friends (April, Yen and Arjay) in Pink Sisters. It was always included in my petition letters that they may found someone. Now April is married and blessed with a daughter and now Lien is getting married, Si Arjay na lang ang unanswered hahaha! Indeed prayers are very powerful.

Congrats dear friend, finally you found the man. I wish you happy married life ahead. To the lucky man, take good care of my friend, or else... hahaha!


Amy showered me with awards :)

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amy was one of my first friends in the blogging world. She showered me with a lot of awards. Thanks Amy for appreciating me and for always cheering me up! Love you sis!


SMILEY AWARD (I need this one :) )

My reasons for smiling:

1. God has blessed me in so many ways and he is continuing to bless me and my family.
2. I have a family who loved me and continue to love me unconditionally.
3. My work although not that financially rewarding :) I love it
4. My friends are with me all the time most specially my lowest times.
5. I loved, I was hurt but still I managed to love again (and hurt again, paulit-ulit pero ok lang)
6. My suspension will soon end :)
7. I'm gaining new friends, thanks to blogging :)
8. KP Creations is doing good hopefully :)
9. There are a lot of simple things that always makes me smile, and it would take days for them to be listed :)
10. Lastly I think I'm moving forward... that's the most important reason that's why I'm smiling

Hahaha sis, I hope I was this sexy! :)



I have always been fascinated with royalties! Now I have one in my blog :)


And I would give this awards to my friends KATH, LOU, DHARLZ, ROSA, PEACH, YILEEN, MYE, EDS , SHY and all my blogging friends! I hope I made you smile because of this numerous awards :)


I disclose

This Blog written and edited by me accepts any form of payment for whatever reviews, sponsorships and paid insertions. For any questions regarding anything please contact pau dot tamio @ gmail dot com Thank you.


>> Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm not in the mood to post something. I even went home early and did not extend my working hours.

I always tried to be a good friend, my dear friends knew that. I value every friend that would come my way. I never picked out a friend, I don't choose, as long as they want me and we go along well you are my friend.

I been through heaven and hell because I have been a friend. I trusted several times and I was betrayed few times. But I still manage to trust again, believe again in a friend's word. But then again it was still me who can't understand? What a crap!

Damn it! Nothing ended, No one gave up anyone! I was just fooled, it was just to mislead me. I can't do something about it anymore! Damn!

I hope you could forgive me, if ever you would find out, I really tried to correct the mistake that I made, but I am just a friend, I am just their friend and they would never listen to me. Hurting you was never my intention, but it was too late and I would ever be regretful. If only I could turn back the time. I'm sorry, I'm very very sorry.


Pau-pau's Christmas Wish List

>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

When I opened my blog this morning, I saw my Christmas countdown. Thirty eight days before Christmas. I haven't noticed it, maybe because of the deadlines, personal struggles and other stuff that's way I haven't felt that Christmas is coming so soon. I haven't got gifts from my family, my friends and my godchildren (I have I think from my latest count about twenty). Anyways I still have a month to buy those I guess I'll just have to embrace the Christmas rush and traffic.

I was thinking of a Christmas wish list for my self. I know the economy is bad and people should be very frugal but these are just wishes, who knows Santa might grant some of my wishes. After all I have been a good girl the whole year. So I want to share my partial list of Christmas wishes.

- A good health for my family especially my Inay, Itay and Nanay Dading. Its always been my prayers that they be blessed with a longer and healthier life.

-Strength for my Mom and Dad. For all the unconditional love that they have given me in my 26 years of existence, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Love you mom, love you dad! I'm still keeping my promise, it might not be soon but I would assure you that I would fulfill that.

-Safety for my kuya and his family overseas, and also for all our relatives and friends abroad. I hope we could celebrate a christmas where we would all be complete.

- My visa. I have an existing application for an immigrant visa. Although the embassy told me that it would take four years, I just wish they could make it faster! hahaha! And my kuya hopes I could join them for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I hope so too.

- I wish for a good year for Senju (the company where I worked for). It has been a very difficult year for us. We lost some valuable customers, although we also gained some new ones. We lost some good workers. But I hope we could be in the same level as we were before. And please no more customer claims and unnecessary spendings!

- A good year for our country. Quality education for every Filipino child. Jobs for all unemployed. Unconditional service from all the public servants (the most important!)

- Happiness for all my friends. When they are happy, I'm happy too. They have been a great part of my life and I would always be very thankful for them.

-I wish to have some opportunities from my blogging. I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have achieved a page rank of 1 but unfortunately I haven't got any. But good thing is I gained a lot of friends which are better than any opportunities. But then again, I hope to have some task please....

-More order for KP Creations! More weddings, debuts and baptismals!

- A laptop (I hope my kuya is reading this hahaha!), Clinique Happy, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and Lacoste Pink all in 100 ml (Paging Kuya! Paging Kuya! You promised me! hahaha!) and a nice designer bag!

- Pugad Baboy XX and more books to read and to add to my collection

- Baking classes with Chef Heny Sison. I really want to attend her classes. I'm really an avid fan and I want to fulfill my passion in baking.

Well this is just a partial wish list, I still have 38 days to think for more! hahaha! I know my kuya hopes I would not add more! hahaha!

And lastly I want a warmer Christmas with family, friends (I love you all!) and .... never mind :)


Taking a peek....

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm still here in the office. One more report to go. I miss the blogging world terribly, but I have to finish my tasks in my real work. I was able to have this quick post while having instant noodles for dinner and afterwards I'll be back to my reports again.

I'm glad to see that my friends dropped by my page even if there's nothing new. I really appreciate it guys! Mwah!

Barely less than 24 hours before the deadline and I still have to find the US$ 600 variance in my report! Whew, wish me luck guys!


Be out for a while...

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'll be missing the blogging world. I'm faced with a seems to be unrealistic deadline on Friday. So I have to temporarily leave the blogging world (so as my Plurk world) to finish my reports on time. I would be working uninterrupted to beat my deadlines! Gambarimasu! I promised to sneak sometimes but I'm afraid that posting would be impossible for me. I will be missing my blogger friends and the whole blogging community :(

Wish me good luck guys! I will miss you!


30 skills that a woman should have at 30

I grab this cute post from Mira Maulia, thanks dear for sharing this...

30 Skills that a woman should have at 30

(Let's see if I already have these 30 skills :) )

1. Hard boil an egg
-I know how of course!

2. Diplomatically tell Mom to butt-out
-Most of the time but I don't believe that I have succeeded

3. Ace a job interview
-Hahaha! I have to ask my boss.

4. Ask a man out
-Do this have to be romantically inclined or asking a friend would do?

5. Send a thoughtful thank you note
-I always do, I remember one Friday Night I left post-its in the computers with funny and sweet notes for everyone in the office (I was absent the following day)

6. Listen to a friend in need
-This is my so called "Lifetime Job"

7. Ask for help
-Absolutely yes and I thank those who helped me

8. Effectively end an unhealthy relationship (romantic or platonic in nature)
- Relationships? Next please

9. Beautifully wrap a gift
- Yes I do, thanks to National Bookstore Wrapping Section (I frequently make tambay in this section to learn some tricks in gift wrapping!)

10. Say “no” gracefully
- I did several times

11. Whip up a great dinner with the five items in her fridge
-Yes, of course, and I think I could make with only just three items :)

12. Forget pleasing him, by 30 a woman should be able to tell her man exactly how to please her
- Uhmm next please

13. Sew a button
- Yes done this most of the time. (Office Uniform buttons are very loose)

14. Mix a kick-ass cocktail
- Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic, I know I can

15. Take off her bra without removing her shirt
- One of my talents! Thanks to my Tita Aleli, I learned it from her.

16. Apply lip gloss in the dark
- I don't use lip gloss

17. Balance her checkbook
- I sure can balance but not my check book, the company's check book hahaha!

18. Create a budget
- I do create a budget but I haven't succeeded in sticking to it

19. Find the best deal
- Deal or no Deal? Maybe..

20. Negotiate a salary and/or pay raise
-I want to believe me...

21. Read a map
-I'm good at this.

22. Hail a cab
- Yup!

23. Say something in French just for the hell of it
-Bonjour! I knew some few words and I love to learn more. I really love France and anything about it!

24. Apologize when she’s wrong
-I always do, even when I knew I don't have to.

25. Dress for her body type
-I'm always been in the safe zone. Jeans, shirt, sneakers

26. Change a flat (or know whom to call to come change it)
-My kuyas thought me.

27. Spot a fake (handbag, diamond, potential friend…)
- I think I know how

28. Feign interest
- I tried sometimes hahaha!

29. Know what to tip on a $25 dinner bill
- uhmm I don't know if I really tipped ok, but I know I'm kinda generous

30. Hold a baby
- I already held a lot of babies from barely 1 hour old baby from a fully grown one.

At my age I can't believe I still have a lot to learn, and I still have four years to learn those. I can hear the clock ticking hahahaha!


Superior Scribbler Award

>> Monday, November 3, 2008

Many thanks to the ever Amiable Amy! (hahaha! kahit nagkamali ako ng grab nung una! mwah sis!)

Thanks for appreciating my works! Naks!

Copy Here

So the rules every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award. Then you must display the adorable award and link to This Post, which explains The Award. Finally you must visit this post and tell your name to Mr. Linky List. Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers!

End Copy here.

Now I pass this all to my blogging friends to tell them how I really appreciate their work of art! Naks! Please feel free to grab this award!


Award from Dharlz

This award came from Mommy Dharlz (Thank you so much! mwah!)
Thanks to you for appreciating me so much!

ANd now its my turn to show my appreciation to, Kathy, Claire, Yileen, Rosa, Mye, Kuyanin, Lou, Peach and all my blogging friends.

You can get the code here.


The Florist Pau

>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

I really believe I don't have an artistic hand so I was surprised I was able to made these. I think this has something to do with luck and migraine hahaha! So do you think I can be a florist after retiring? :)


Migraine Torture

I did not enjoy my almost two days vacation :( I have plenty of plans and things to do on my vacation but I nearly accomplish anything. I was planning to give Kathy a visit and give her leche flan yesterday morning but I was not able to get out of my room. I also planned to make some banana muffins and chocolate cupcakes for our gathering at the memorial park but I haven't had the chance to even visit the tomb of my great grandparents. I was also looking forward to create new post for my blog and visit my blogging friends' pages, but all I have done is visit some. All I have done is create two flower arrangements while enduring the pains and after that I went to bed and battle it out with my migraine torture.

I have this migraine attacks since I was in high school. I even undergone one CT Scan and one MRI because of my severe headaches. I have taken various medicines raging from a simple Ibuprofen to Celebrex to Avimigran to Sibellium. Doctors advised me to lessen my chocolate intake but I'm too stubborn to follow their advise (chocolates are too tempting, I'm just a human... hahaha!).

But yesterday was my most difficut migraine attack. I thought it was just a plain headache but I throw up three times but still the pain did not subside. My grannies (I live with my grannies although my parent's house is just beside where I'm staying) are already insisting of bringing me to the hospital but I refused because I was thinking that I might be admitted, I cannot afford to be absent on Monday, I'm a month behind my deadlines. Good thing that the headache finally left me early this morning, thanks to my medicines. Now I was able to write this post.


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