She surprised me!

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

Before I have my break time nap today, I checked my YM, I saw one of my friends who is now based in US is online.

Pau: Happy Birthday! Hahaha!
Bukas pa pala! hahaha!
Ano ba number mo nang matawagan kita dyan so i could greet you Happy Birthday!

I wonder she haven't send her reply immediately. So I just proceed with my nap.

I woke up 5 minutes before 1:00 pm. When I checked my YM there was a reply.

Yen: Hi Pau! Sorry I went out kase
Sa bahay ni kuya ang celebration
I'm getting married
next month

Wow! I was surprised! I didn't expect it to hear it so soon.

I remember years before, I was still praying for my three friends (April, Yen and Arjay) in Pink Sisters. It was always included in my petition letters that they may found someone. Now April is married and blessed with a daughter and now Lien is getting married, Si Arjay na lang ang unanswered hahaha! Indeed prayers are very powerful.

Congrats dear friend, finally you found the man. I wish you happy married life ahead. To the lucky man, take good care of my friend, or else... hahaha!


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