30 skills that a woman should have at 30

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

I grab this cute post from Mira Maulia, thanks dear for sharing this...

30 Skills that a woman should have at 30

(Let's see if I already have these 30 skills :) )

1. Hard boil an egg
-I know how of course!

2. Diplomatically tell Mom to butt-out
-Most of the time but I don't believe that I have succeeded

3. Ace a job interview
-Hahaha! I have to ask my boss.

4. Ask a man out
-Do this have to be romantically inclined or asking a friend would do?

5. Send a thoughtful thank you note
-I always do, I remember one Friday Night I left post-its in the computers with funny and sweet notes for everyone in the office (I was absent the following day)

6. Listen to a friend in need
-This is my so called "Lifetime Job"

7. Ask for help
-Absolutely yes and I thank those who helped me

8. Effectively end an unhealthy relationship (romantic or platonic in nature)
- Relationships? Next please

9. Beautifully wrap a gift
- Yes I do, thanks to National Bookstore Wrapping Section (I frequently make tambay in this section to learn some tricks in gift wrapping!)

10. Say “no” gracefully
- I did several times

11. Whip up a great dinner with the five items in her fridge
-Yes, of course, and I think I could make with only just three items :)

12. Forget pleasing him, by 30 a woman should be able to tell her man exactly how to please her
- Uhmm next please

13. Sew a button
- Yes done this most of the time. (Office Uniform buttons are very loose)

14. Mix a kick-ass cocktail
- Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic, I know I can

15. Take off her bra without removing her shirt
- One of my talents! Thanks to my Tita Aleli, I learned it from her.

16. Apply lip gloss in the dark
- I don't use lip gloss

17. Balance her checkbook
- I sure can balance but not my check book, the company's check book hahaha!

18. Create a budget
- I do create a budget but I haven't succeeded in sticking to it

19. Find the best deal
- Deal or no Deal? Maybe..

20. Negotiate a salary and/or pay raise
-I want to believe me...

21. Read a map
-I'm good at this.

22. Hail a cab
- Yup!

23. Say something in French just for the hell of it
-Bonjour! I knew some few words and I love to learn more. I really love France and anything about it!

24. Apologize when she’s wrong
-I always do, even when I knew I don't have to.

25. Dress for her body type
-I'm always been in the safe zone. Jeans, shirt, sneakers

26. Change a flat (or know whom to call to come change it)
-My kuyas thought me.

27. Spot a fake (handbag, diamond, potential friend…)
- I think I know how

28. Feign interest
- I tried sometimes hahaha!

29. Know what to tip on a $25 dinner bill
- uhmm I don't know if I really tipped ok, but I know I'm kinda generous

30. Hold a baby
- I already held a lot of babies from barely 1 hour old baby from a fully grown one.

At my age I can't believe I still have a lot to learn, and I still have four years to learn those. I can hear the clock ticking hahahaha!


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