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>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

When I opened my blog this morning, I saw my Christmas countdown. Thirty eight days before Christmas. I haven't noticed it, maybe because of the deadlines, personal struggles and other stuff that's way I haven't felt that Christmas is coming so soon. I haven't got gifts from my family, my friends and my godchildren (I have I think from my latest count about twenty). Anyways I still have a month to buy those I guess I'll just have to embrace the Christmas rush and traffic.

I was thinking of a Christmas wish list for my self. I know the economy is bad and people should be very frugal but these are just wishes, who knows Santa might grant some of my wishes. After all I have been a good girl the whole year. So I want to share my partial list of Christmas wishes.

- A good health for my family especially my Inay, Itay and Nanay Dading. Its always been my prayers that they be blessed with a longer and healthier life.

-Strength for my Mom and Dad. For all the unconditional love that they have given me in my 26 years of existence, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Love you mom, love you dad! I'm still keeping my promise, it might not be soon but I would assure you that I would fulfill that.

-Safety for my kuya and his family overseas, and also for all our relatives and friends abroad. I hope we could celebrate a christmas where we would all be complete.

- My visa. I have an existing application for an immigrant visa. Although the embassy told me that it would take four years, I just wish they could make it faster! hahaha! And my kuya hopes I could join them for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I hope so too.

- I wish for a good year for Senju (the company where I worked for). It has been a very difficult year for us. We lost some valuable customers, although we also gained some new ones. We lost some good workers. But I hope we could be in the same level as we were before. And please no more customer claims and unnecessary spendings!

- A good year for our country. Quality education for every Filipino child. Jobs for all unemployed. Unconditional service from all the public servants (the most important!)

- Happiness for all my friends. When they are happy, I'm happy too. They have been a great part of my life and I would always be very thankful for them.

-I wish to have some opportunities from my blogging. I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have achieved a page rank of 1 but unfortunately I haven't got any. But good thing is I gained a lot of friends which are better than any opportunities. But then again, I hope to have some task please....

-More order for KP Creations! More weddings, debuts and baptismals!

- A laptop (I hope my kuya is reading this hahaha!), Clinique Happy, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea and Lacoste Pink all in 100 ml (Paging Kuya! Paging Kuya! You promised me! hahaha!) and a nice designer bag!

- Pugad Baboy XX and more books to read and to add to my collection

- Baking classes with Chef Heny Sison. I really want to attend her classes. I'm really an avid fan and I want to fulfill my passion in baking.

Well this is just a partial wish list, I still have 38 days to think for more! hahaha! I know my kuya hopes I would not add more! hahaha!

And lastly I want a warmer Christmas with family, friends (I love you all!) and .... never mind :)


emma November 19, 2008 at 10:57 PM  

last wishlist,never mind....?????he..he..labyah mare!

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