Somebody is leaving...

>> Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I hate it when somebody leaves. It really breaks my heart most especially when that someone has established a connection with me. I was never successful in holding my emotions when somebody leaves, I may look calm but given a time alone, my calmness is surfaced by tears.

Someone is about to leave. Actually there are two of them. The sad part is they are both dear to my heart.

One is a very dear friend since college. Way back then we are not that close, I find her guts intimidating, but I still have to deal with her courteously. When we became officemate, it was where the friendship started. Yes she is still the same intimidating and demanding lady but her sweetness, charm, wit and LOVE outshines it all. She is not only an officemate, she was our financial adviser, personal accountant, official shopper (she loves it when you ask her to do some shopping for you, she doesn’t mind carrying all those stuff from the mall to her house and then to the office). She has that distinctive “gigil” remarks that we love. We will surely miss the songs that she usually sings and then all of a sudden we would all have a last-song syndrome. And who would not miss her frequent trips to the rest room for some concert sessions? If only she could stay longer. But who does not want a professional growth for a friend? As a friend I have mixed emotions, I want her to stay but at the same time I’m happy that she’s about to leave for a much better opportunity. My prayers are for her to reach her dreams and this is the start of it. I hope she takes care of herself well. I just have one wish; it is for her to keep us in her heart.

We call him daddy. He would come to office with eyes half opened and greet us “Good Morning” with a very distinctive Japanese Accent. Then we would asked him, “No sleep again?” then he would laugh hard. We usually get his ice cubes from his freezer and when he would knew about it, he would fake a angry voice but later laugh when we all say sorry. He often brags about his high tech gadgets like a Nintendo Gameboy that has this giant Mario Brothers game. Imagine a 60-year old playing Nintendo. We often caught him playing Spider Solitaire but then he would say that he is playing a 4-suite game. He would smoke packets of cigarettes everyday, and flattered every time we would scold him and tell him that it would do him no good. He can drink bottles of wines everyday but he can still come to office the following day. So how can we not miss our daddy?

We cannot stop ourselves not to feel bad when somebody leaves, but then distance will not be an issue as long as we keep the person in our heart.

To Mela and Daddy, adieu…. Till we meet again.


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