Going back to school

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

It has been seven years since I graduated from college. I have been telling my self this is the right time to seek new knowledge that would help me to grow effectively and efficiently as a professional. I have been working for several years now and the competition is getting though and to be able to cope with it, studying again is a very good solution. I can get another degree, but I guess I am too old to pursue another degree. What I am thinking about is getting a Master’s Degree. I know I am prepared for it since I have been gathering work experience since I graduated. What I don’t have is time. I cannot quit my job at this moment. We are back on normal operations so my Saturdays are not free anymore, plus we are again dealing with a two months report backlog. The only solution for my problem is to pursue my master’s degree from an online university. I heard of Capella University, an online university that offers not just Master’s or Doctor’s Degree but also Bachelor’s degree and certificates. Nice thing that you can pursue a degree right at the comfort of your homes and without compromising your schedules. The quest for knowledge should be never ending and should be a continuous process.

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