Farewell again...

>> Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abby would be leaving on Monday to be reunited with his boyfriend and eventually get married in May. We cannot be there to witness one of the special days in her life. Of course we are happy and of course we are supportive of her like we always do. But like in every farewell, sadness is felt in every corner. Abby has been the baby, she is very fragile and should always be taken good care of. When she cries, it would break your heart and if she laughs you would feel your heart laughing too. She could be childish in her tantrums but very much a lady. We all wish her well, and wish for a good and happy married life.

(L-R) Jay, Abby and Me during one of unplanned dinner getaways

one would be missing here soon...

L-R Abby, Joanne, Jay and Me with the ever dependable Stivo

I pray that she be well always. I hope she would never forget us (not like them, who never looked back again). Goodbyes would always be painful. I was never used to it. The friendship that we had is very special for all of us, I just hope it would remain until the rest of our lives. Our friendship never intent to dwell on personal matters if they want it that way, It would always be understanding just let us now. Our friendship does not require gifts, just let us know you are ok and you are fine. Our friendship is never ending, there are just absences but all we have to do is sit down, talk and catch up. Abby, we will miss you.


peppermayo April 22, 2009 at 10:13 PM  

So I meet Abby here...inartey ciempre si papa sa pix! Hehe!

Bakla, kathy helped me with a new domain...paki update na lang po yung links ko para makahabol naman ako sa PR nyo. Thanky! Miss you so much!


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