Garden Makeover

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

I always love nature, plants and greeneries. I find them very relaxing. I always dream of coming home from work, walk out of a door that leads to my well landscaped garden. Now that it is busy season and every day is torture with all the pressures of internal and external reports and requirements, wanting for a place of relaxation is growing stronger. And just like me, a friend of mine also wants to have her backyard to be landscaped. She wants a Japanese inspired garden that she saw in one of those gardening magazines. She also wants a Koi pond to be placed in the middle of her garden. She loved Koi fishes, I remember when we were still in grade school, every time our teacher would ask her to draw her dream house, and a pond would always be in the middle of her drawing. As if it would never be complete with out the pond and the school of fishes. Just this morning, I got a call from her, asking me to help her find a San Diego landscaper that could help her transform her backyard to her dream garden. She is asking me for some tips on having a landscaper since she knows that I had them before. I told her that it would be the best to secure a service contract which I think would be beneficial for her and the other party. Improvements for home like landscaping require quite a big sum of money so it is better to get the best one to do the job.


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