Shoes for Little Brat

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Little Brat Brent is going to celebrate his birthday on the 22nd of April. Every time he would see me from work, he always asks me what my gift for him is. He was very determined get an answer from me, so I just ask him if he wanted shoes for his birthday. His face lighted up as he says yes. And take note, he told me he likes the one that he saw from Olin during Sam’s Birthday. The boy has really a taste for shoes because Olin was wearing Crocs Shoes at Sam’s party. And since I have promised the little brat, I have to look for cute Kids Shoes at the net. I happen to drop by, a site that sells different kinds of shoes not only for kids but also for different ages. The site also got different styles of shoes under the famous brands. They also got slippers and sandals. And for winter they got a good collection of boots. The site also gives reasonable prices for the items. They also offer free shipping charges for most of the items, which is a good deal. And one thing more, they don’t charge sales tax on your purchases. It saves me time and extra bucks since I don’t have to go to the mall just to get him a gift. But I am having second thought on saving the extra bucks because I have been looking at the gorgeous Converse Shoes. I have been looking at the blue plaid sneakers for such a long time. I can see that Brent and I would look good in those matching sneakers, but my wallet is having a hard time to agree hahaha!


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