Go organic for greener lawn

>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandma has a very big yard back home. She loves orchids and ornamental plants. And I tell you she got a green thumb so every plant that she gets hold of, will surely bloom. I guess I inherited her love for plants and flowers. I was also trained by her in the proper care of plants like watering (she would always say water the plants early morning and late afternoon, and make sure you don’t just wet the leaves, make sure that the roots are absorbing all the water! ), trimming the leaves and of course giving the plants enough fertilizers. She would always use organic fertilizer, she is very used to it since because it is all that she’s using when she was still young (no chemical fertilizer yet then). That is the best lesson that grandma thought me about plants. Because I inherited her passion for gardening, I also got a small garden at our backyard. I got several ornamental plants and orchids. I also got the half of the backyard covered with blue grass. But lately I have observed that the grass is not that green anymore, it seems like it lacks nutrients and I also saw some small patches in the area. I happen to come across ringer fertilizer for my quest to revive my lawn. It is organic so it contains no harmful chemicals. I am always into organic because organic fertilizers are safe for the environment and also for us people. It’s a little expensive though but I guess my lawn deserves the best natural cure because it gives me happiness and relaxation beyond compare. In the current state of Mother Earth, it is always the best to go organic especially for fertilizers to reduce the chemical fumes that are released to the air.


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