>> Monday, May 31, 2010

I once planned on taking short culinary courses when I was still in the Pi, after hearing so many good things about quick crash courses, we realized that maybe it's about time for us to expand, school wise and all. Actually, we were able to read about Florida Beauty School that offers numbers of courses when it comes to beauty and self improvement. Actually, my friend even got confused on what course to take up, until she realized that she wanted to broaden her knowledge when it comes to cooking and baking, well, yes, just like me! So there, we were supposed to inquire and planned of enrolling some time next year, until another life turn around decision was made. That I has to go somewhere else in order to find my greener pasture. So will my friend still pursue our plan? well, I really hope so! but for sure, I will be the one to tell her to do so. It'll be good for her, even she does it alone.


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