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>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love potatoes so much, I know its quite obvious in my size. I've been a potato lover all my life. I can consume a grande size NY Fries in a snap with Kathy (I miss this mare!), eat Mashed Potato like peanuts, treat french fries like chips, never forgot hash brown when having breakfast at Mc Donald's and go crazy over baked potatoes! Sometimes I just sliced them thinly seasoned with salt and deep fry them.

Last night, it was raining so hard, I'm not feeling good, I'm upset, my emotions were down. I want to cheer myself up, and somehow empty my mind of things that's bothering me even for the mean time. My first option was have some drinks with friends (How I miss the alcohol in my veins! LOL!) but it didn't push through because my "Ninang" Dhel (Antoninos/Light Drinking Buddy) is dealing with stomachache. So I just thought of indulging with a basket of Shakey's Mojos. I shared it with Abby along with some sentiments and "chismis" on the side. The Mojos lightened the burden somehow, just forget about the calories! :)

** now this is me reposting, call this home sickness or whatever. :(


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