She's having a BABY!

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

I got a good news from a friend last night. I never expect her to be on the way because it has been a long time since she had her first baby. I'm rooting for a baby girl since his first one is a boy! A mini her!

Unfortunately she's having a very delicate pregnancy, she's in a complete bed rest for more than three weeks now. I hope she gets better as her first trimester ends this first week of October.

But the real good news to me was the effect of her pregnancy to a worry that I've been carrying for a year already. Now I'm relieved that the thing that blown out of proportion has fall back in the right places. I'm happy that it ended so soon and destiny was the one to put an end.

Congratulations to her and her hubby and I'm very happy and excited to see the baby soon! :) Another godchild for me? I hope so! :) So excited!


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