Cakes for my Grand Aunt

>> Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last July 13 my Grand Aunt Anatalia celebrated her 70th birthday. I got a chance to bake the cake that are going to be used for her Birthday Wishes to be facilitated by her children.

I got the inspiration from my good friend Kathy's wedding cake. I made seven 5" round carrot cakes. I topped it with baby pink boiled icing and I used orange slices, kiwi slices and grapes for decoration. And for my finishing touches I tie a green organza ribbon around the cake. Viola! satellite cakes! I also used an old cake stand from my inaanak's birthday, just wrapped it with pink and green Japanese Paper. Noticed the candles that I used? I told my mom to buy birthday candles but she forgot so I had no choice but to use those slightly big candles lol!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go the birthday celebration because I had my migraine attack, I just finished the cake then I really went to sleep after. But she understands, just like any Granny.


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