Sayonara Tomodachi

>> Monday, July 21, 2008

He would always greet me Ohayo! (Good Morning in Nihongo) then he would tap me on my back (a tap that would make you choke with blood! Lol!). Our mornings would never be complete without hearing his shouting voice every morning, most especially during Monday mornings. Yes he shouts, but that is his way of endearment for everyone. He is the longest staying Japanese Staff in our company. He's been with Senju Phils. Family for the last 9 years, that makes him qualified to be an Immigrant! (hahaha!). He is Filipino in some ways, but he just don't admit it! hahaha! He is extraordinary, obsessive compulsive, temperamental, perfectionist, but loving. He is my tomodachi, my weight monitor, diet consultant and our Sales Manager, Hayato Mitazono.

At first, he doesn't like me, because he describes me as "Many-many speaking" (Read:TALKATIVE). But later on, we would laugh as if we are not in an office. Our favorite topic would you believe is Doraemon. We would sing the doraemon theme song and he would change the lyrics to Paula-emon or sometimes Debu-emon (Big). He would give me some weird souvenirs every time he would visit other places, like a magazine from Taiwan (How come I can read it? It was in Mandarin!), A weird looking Japanese Warrior (he also can't remember the name of that warrior!) and a bottle filled with shells and branches! And of course all the diet tea that he can find! The only person that gave me 3 dozens of roses for my birthday because he told me that if he would give me cake, I would just gain extra weight! ( I prefer the cake! hahaha!). When being photographed, he has this signature straight body! hahaha!I remember one time, he was being photographed for his Alien Employment Permit, he took time to wear his tie and fix his belt but unfortunately, the tie and the belt was not captured in the photo! oh how I wish to give you tickets to one of those Las Vegas Shows!

Definitely I would miss him terribly, we would all miss him. What I worry about him is that he is hypertensive and diabetic. That's why my last word to him is that he should avoid shouting and being angry so his blood pressure level would not go up.

I just wish him well and hope we would see him again. Sayonara Tomodachi! Okiotsukete!


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