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>> Friday, May 8, 2009

A good friend of mine is planning to marry his boyfriend of more than five years next year (hopefully it will really push through next year). I saw her doing some budget computations one time. And of course if we speak of wedding, the ring is one of the essential things to give attention to. She and her fiancé have been wearing several identical rings. The first one is a silver ring which I believe they have purchased on the early years of their relationship. Then they had a gold ring in which I was the one who provided the design. And lastly, a two tone gold ring that her fiancé gave her as a surprise last year. I kidded her and asked her where they would put their wedding ring, since they already have three rings. She laughed and told me she would be having another finger to be added to accommodate the Wedding Ring. She is kidding of course. I told her to consider titanium rings. Titanium is known for its very durable quality. In fact it is used for aircrafts and military vehicles. No wonder Titanium rings are guaranteed to never tarnish and would withstand the time. And Titanium Rings are not only made from the regular titanium but the high titanium grades are used in making those. One thing more they are not harmful to the human skin, in fact it can be worn by those who have sensitive skins. The wedding ring symbolizes the union of two persons, so just like the union. It must be very strong and durable and will last a lifetime. For single ladies like me a nice selection of black tungsten rings would do.


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