Stubborness in me

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

I was confined in my bed during the weekend I was inflicted with on and off fever again for the nth time. I wonder what’s wrong with me. Good thing we had our annual medical check-up last Friday. Now I’m just waiting for the results of my Laboratory test so I would know if there’s something wrong with me. I haven’t touched the computer or the laptop, I just asked my nephew to take care of my crops in Farm Town and my pet Dame in Pet Society. I also asked him to check my email because I’m waiting for an important one. I am a very tolerant to pain. Although my threshold for pain is high, even if I’m feeling something painful in my body, I seldom go to the doctor. I’m finding relief within my means. I know it is not good, but I grew up with that thinking. I know that there are things that I cannot go through alone and I need help from others. I know there are things that I should not keep to myself and bear the pain alone and pretend that everything is fine.


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