i missed her

>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

We have not spoke for a long time, We have not seen each other for such a long time. She drops by my blog, she sends messages, I do reply sometimes. But when we came face to face it was different.

The wall collapsed and I felt that we were back in the days when we used to teach her how to cook. She can't even fry an egg before and maybe now she cooks the best meals for her family.I remember the dinners and meals that we shared, corned beef and spam when we are too lazy to cook. There was a time that we forgot to spare some for her pet dog "Buloy". The popcorns and endless stories that we shared. The surprised eighteenth birthday that we planned with her (how come it was a surprise!). The getaways with her red car. The letters, the letter that she gave me and Joanne on our high school retreat written in a long violet cartolina that she cut and pasted together.

One thing was clear, I missed her, I missed her so much. I missed her stubbornness, her sweetness.


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