>> Friday, December 18, 2009

I have worked in a hospital before my current job. I was assigned with the accounting department as well as in monitoring the supplies purchased. It is the commitment of the hospital to purchase quality medical and medical supplies. Being in the hospital environment for more than a year, I learned that consideration for quality is a must even in small supplies and gadgets like stethoscope. Good thing there is a site like which sells online medical, hospital, doctors, EMT and EMS supplies. It carries most of the famous brand that are known for quality. Some of the brands that it sells are 3M for bandages, BD for IV supplies, Microflex for gloves and Terumo for syringes. It also sells medical equipments like oximeters, defibs, ultrasounds and dopplers to name a few. Doctors could also purchase online some of their accessories and tools like stethoscopes, thermometers and blood pressure kits. No need to fall in line to shop, with just a click of the mouse doctors could order and it would be delivered right in their door steps. It is a relief in their very busy and tight schedules so they would always be on call. Actually it is not only hospital and medical people that could avail of the services offered by the, even for our house hold we could also order from them first aide kits. Having a first aid kit is a must for homes because no one would know when and where an accident would occur. It would be safe for everyone to have a kit on hand.


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