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>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks AMY for this

Here's the tag:
A - Attached or Single? - SINGLE UNATTACHED hahaha!
B - Best Friend? - I have a plenty of but Joanne was the first.
C - Cake or pie? - I love cakes more than pie.
D - Day of choice? - Sunday because currently it's my only rest day hahaha! Been working from Monday to Saturday!
E - Essential item? - Computer and Internet connection, books
F - Favorite Color? - BLUE
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - Gummy Bears thanks to the influence of Kathy!
H - Hometown? - Municipality of Tanza, Province of Cavite, Republic of the Philippines
I - Indulgence? - Chocolates
J - June or July? - I was born June 20 so June
K - Kids ?-I don't have, I just borrow Brent from my Kuya! hahaha!
L - Life is not complete w/o - trials, problems, misunderstanding and complications. They are the spices, they make us a better and wiser person.
M - Marriage date? - Hopefully I would have one! hahaha!
N - Number of magazine subscriptions - none, I just buy depending on impulse
O - Orange or apple? - Apple
P - Phobias? - High Places, Closed spaces,
Q - Quotes? - I can't think of any, I just borrow my school's motto," Si possunt cur non ego" (If others can, Why can't I?)
R - Reason to smile? - I have my family, I'm loved by my friends, I am blessed by God
S - Season of choice? - Here in the Philippines we only got two, the rainy and sunny. I prefer the sunny one. But in the four seasoned countries, I always loved their winter season.
T - Tag people - Kathy, Claire, Peach, Mommy Dharlz, Sis Rose, Mye and everyone!
U - Unknown fact about me - Hahaha! I don't think meron pa.
V - Vegetable? - String beans and of course potato
W - Worst habit? - nail biting
X - Xray or ultrasound? - Xray
Y - Your favorite foods? - sweets
Z - Zodiac sign - GEMINI

Feel free to grab!


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