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>> Saturday, February 13, 2010 myspace graphic comments

Since it is hearts day, I am trying to compose a nice post. Forgive me for my poor post :)

As an observer most of the time, I saw different love stories unfold before my eyes. Some succeeded, some failed. But then again, when love is present, its presence cannot be denied. I have seen a lot of people fell in love. And most of the time, it brings out a magical and unexplainable aura in one’s face. Maybe because the warmth that comes from the heart gives a different glow.

Love is magical, so we must celebrate its existence. Valentines Day is not only for lovers, as long a person feel the warmth of love, he or she has the reason to celebrate Heart’s Day. Any way we all have hearts that beat, if not we might be dead.

I just wanted to share a thought from a person who has shed me light in the matters of the heart.

Love has no room for selfish people who think only of themselves. If we have been too busy with our work, have been kept by our distorted priorities then it's about time that we stop for a while and think about the people who we might have stepped on and taken for granted. Love isn't forever. Let us not wait too long to appreciate those who have unselfishly given it to us for all that may be left tomorrow are just the bitter and cold memories of someone who loved too much but was never loved enough.

So do not wait for another Valentines Day to let someone know that you love them. Make every day a Valentines Day and don’t wait for occasions to let them feel the warmth of love. No need for flowers, chocolates or fancy dinner. Just appreciation and a sincere “I love you”.

To everyone Happy Valentines Day! Let us keep our hearts burning with love!


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