25 Q's

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I was browsing notes from Mae's FB Account when I saw this one, I thought it would be nice to grab this one. I think this originally came from Apple (the perfume magnate! Naks friend you smell big time ha! :) )

1. if you're being extremely quiet what does it mean?---> I'm not ok, I'm upset, I'm frustrated or maybe Ate Connie and I are into a no speaking contract, and who speaks first get a free drink! (childish?!)

2. if someone hits you, what would you do---> Depending on the intent, I normally don't hit back, I just curse to death! hahaha! Joke!

3. what are you listening to?---> Parokya ni Edgar, Boys do Fall In love

4. would you still study after college?---> I'm still thinking of getting a Masteral's Degree on Business Administration, but I'm still thinking about it.

5. last time you laughed so hard?---> last night, I was reading Panti Thoughts

6. has anyone told you they missed you lately?---> Yup, I miss them too. Though I wait for someone to tell me that I was missed.

7. are you wearing any clothes that don't belong to you?---> nope

8. last book/magazine/etc you read?---> Panti Thoughts

9. have you bumped onto a glass door?---> Yeah! Clumsy to the highest level!

10. do you regret anything from your past?---> Everything that we made in the past whether we regret or not, has lead us to where we are right now.

11. if you could seek revenge on someone would you?---> I don't seek revenge, I leave it all to God. I just curse that person hahaha! Joke!

12. how do you react when a boy cries in front of you?---> Heartbreaking for me. Been in this situation several times.

13. last argument?---> No one to argue with...

14. do you have a crush?---> George Clooney and Rob Thomas

15. do you know how to belly dance?---> nope! I don't have the guts to expose my big belly hahaha!

16. What are you doing ryt now?---> trying to earn some extra bucks

17. last drink?---> water with ice, lots of ice

18. last person u miss?---> Do I have to answer this? him...

19. do you own a house?---> no, I just act as if I own the house :)

20. favorite month/s?---> June (birthday month) April (Many holidays) December!

22. would they be mad if you were to be sent some place far from their reach?---> who? who are they?

23. what were you doing last Saturday?---> I was down with migraine, I'm just nursing it the whole day! Damn migraine!

24. sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?---> Mare grabbing me a task hahaha! A lot of, countless.

25. the most weird thing in your house?---> A big Porcelain Elephant Figurine. one of mom's addictions.


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