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>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mae, tagged me with this on facebook. I thought it would be nice to post this in my blog too. I miss you mae! Mwah!

1. Beer: RED HORSE
2. Food: Pasta? Pizza?
3. Relationships: ZERO
4. Your crush: ROB THOMAS
5. Power Rangers: RED, BLUE, PINK, BLACK, YELLOW
7. The President: NO COMMENT
8. Yummy: Pizza
9. Cars: LAMBO
10. Movie: Must see HP6
11. Halloween: Trick or Treat
12. Sex: SECRET
13. Religion: Catholic
14. Hate: Hot Weather
15. Fear: losing the people i love
16. Marriage: Uncertain
17. Blondes: Reese Witherspoon
18. Slippers: Islander
19. Shoes: Imelda
20. Asians: Interesting
21. Past time: reading/blogging
22. One night stand: Fling
23. Cell Phone: Ericsson
24. Smoke: pollution
25. Fantasy: ROYALTY
26. College: headaches
27. Highschool Life: wish I could go back
28. Pajamas: Rainy evenings only
29. Stars: Francis M (Three stars and a sun)
30. Fitness Center: Must be there
31. Alcohol: I miss it! Power drink
32. The word love: THE WORLD NEEDS IT
33. Friends: Love them so much
34. Money: Need it! Lots of it! hahaha!
35. Heartache: ALWAYS! Damn!
36. Time: must be used wisely
37. Divorce: too sad
38. Dogs: Pug!
39. Undies: Cotton only
40. Parents: Unconditional love
41. Babies: Cute
42. Ex: I wish I had
43. Song: Wishing Well (Can't get enough of Eheads)
44. Color: blue
45. Weddings: KP Creations hahhahaha!
46. Pizza: Yellow Cab 14"
47. Hangout: Office table hahaha!
48. ???
49. Goal: get my visa and start a new life as soon as possible
50. Inspiration: Family, Friends, Loved ones and those who appreciate me

I had a nice time answering this! Feel free to grab!

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