>> Saturday, April 17, 2010

I finally get rid of my mom's clutter in the kitchen area. My mom loves to keep everything. She keeps empty containers until they pile up the cabinets. She keeps dress and shirts even if it does not fit anymore. There was really a time that I want to submit a video of the house to the show “How clean is your house?” My mom cleans her house everyday but because of her clutter, the house looked over crowded. Her house looked as if it is not cleaned very often. I even see the print out of the research that I did on Cosmetology school in Arizona. I wonder why she still keeps those; does she have a plan of going to a cosmetology school? I doubt it! When she asked me to clean the kitchen pantry and cabinet last time, I did throw away everything that had to go. I was bit surprise some interesting things that she kept. Now I know why my father is annoyed every time he would see my mother’s pile of clutter. She freaked out at first but she can’t do anything I already gave away and throw her clutter. I know my father approved of what I did so he can have a space too in the kitchen cabinet to put his tools. But our victory is just temporary because knowing my mom, she would collect clutter again. And without me around she would have enough time to keep those.


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