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>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My cousin start her clinical practicum this coming next semester, and she is actually studying and memorizing stuffs that can be found in the hospital. Funny because she even has all those medical supplies in their dining table when I arrived at their house earlier today, I actually got intruiged with the items that also made me realize that there were actually more than ten in the group that I don't actually know the name and the use for. One example are those tapes or wires or something. I thought that it was just patch or something, but no it was meant for those machine tests and all that is being attached to a wire or whatever it is called. But I'd probably more surprise if she brings home medical supplies! lol So where did my cousin got all her stuff? She actually ordered all of it online! yes, she does. From, a very well known online retailers of medical supplies, fitness equipments, medicines, baby and mommy supplies and other gears for medical purposes.


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