Cute Little "Kulit"

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One evening, the very "makulit" Brent was singing some songs. His mom and I can't help but laugh. I was surprised how he grows up so fast. He still can't talk straight, he is still "bulol" but still he tries to pronounce the words (the only clear words that you could hear is watermelon, papaya and fruit salad).

As I listen to him, I realized that he is indeed starting to grow. From the 33 weeks pre-matured baby that I patiently look after at the Neonatal ICU of UERM to a very hyper toddler (I was the one who looked after him because his mom is still recuperating from cesarean operation) . It seems like it was just yesterday that he was still this fragile baby that spent his first 31 days at the ICU and have to undergo several blood transfusions (his platelet count reached the lowest count of 10,000) and a blood exchange procedure (his blood is severely infected so they decided to do this procedure). He was an ABO Baby (His mom is type-O, his dad is type AB) that has severe sepsis when he was delivered via emergency CS. My kuya and his wife waited for this baby for 11 years.

But now he is very "makulit", very sweet and lovable. Everyone in the family adores him. Although sometimes he have terrible tantrums, but still tolerable :)


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