Flower of August

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have this "granny" (my father's godmother) in Silang, Cavite. She had this very beautiful garden with different ornamental plants. She was the one who gave me this Cattleya. When she first gave me this, it just fits one small pot. But as time passes by, it has multiplied a lot. I already transferred the plants to a long vertical wood and I even gave some to my boss.

What's nice about this orchid is that it produces it's flowers every August which happens to be our Fiesta month. So all our visitors would always noticed the flowers. It seems like the plant wanted to be noticed (mayabang na orchid!). But the side effect of being noticeable is that people would always asked us if they can have it! (hahaha!). Good thing it multiplies quickly so I never refuse their request!


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