Nice Movie

>> Sunday, August 10, 2008

I really avoid watching love story movies, I go for suspense and comedy flicks. But yesterday I got to watch a nice one. Due to the recommendation of my good friend Kathy and my "ninang" Ate Dhel and the invitation of Mr. & Mrs. Yee I watched "A Very Special Love" yesterday.

The story is nice, no main antagonist, no third party, very light, heart warming, superb comedy. The acting of the main characters is very natural, it seems like they were not acting. The role fits Sarah the best, I can't think of someone who can portray the role of Laida than Sarah. John Loyd is one hell of a debonair! The way he looks, will surely sweep a woman off her feet!

For those who want a feel-good movie, check this one. You'll never get tired of loving someone, especially when that someone would look at you like how John Lloyd used to do in the movie! Lol!


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