Christmas Family Bonding

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

It has been part of our family traditions to gather every Christmas Day to eat together and bond. We have been practicing this for more than a decade I guess.

We usually have our reunion in the evening but last Christmas day we have it in the afternoon, maybe because the oldies are getting older and it would be difficult for them to stay late at night. And since we are multiplying, some would still go to their other families (the other side I mean.).

I would share to you some pictures taken. I just grabbed these from Kuya Alvin because I forgot to bring my camera (Blame it on my headache :) ) and some family trivia.

Brgy. Mulawin (our family; Mulawin is the name of the barangay where we reside)

We are missing one family! My Kuya Greg's it's their 5th missed reunion. They went home last year but failed to attend the reunion because they arrived December 31.

The Brgy. Gen. Trias Family

They are one of the biggest family in the clan. Their first Christmas without their father who passed away last October. They are also missing one member, my Ninang Tessie who is in the US with her family. All of the Arca siblings are married except for Ate Cecil (the one in brown tank top) We all hope next year there would be someone new in the picture! hehehe! I love you ate!

The Brgy 4-Bantolino Family

The smallest family in the clan.

The Brgy. 4-Capio Family

With their newest addition, baby Rein! It is actually my first time to see Kuya Jonee's son and wife, he is based in Baguio (he works in Texas Instruments) so they seldom go down here in Cavite. There is Kuya Alvin, my favorite actually our favorite (the one in the stripes polo shirt!) I gave out a loud laugh when he answered back when he was kidded that its okay to bring one's girlfriend/boyfriend.

The Brgy 4-Tahimic Family

Unfortunately the two cute kids are sick and went home early (Thomas and Veniz) You see the boy in red sando, such a brave boy, he just undergone a series of heart operation and after the holidays, he will again undergo one more.

The Brgy. 4-Tahimic Family

The youngest family in the clan. My favorite Uncle Boyong hehehe! The fun starter! The title holder of the "Batya at Palo-palo" award! hehehe! This year he is giving it away to Kuya Nanu and Kuya Pet but the crowd don't like!

The Tahimic Siblings of Leoncio and Leonora Dulce-Tahimic

L-R Simeon and Amelia Tahimic, Pert (represents his father Basil) and Anatalia Tahimic-Arca, Teddy and Francisca Tahimic-Bantolino, Gusing and Rowena Tahimic-Capio, Elvie Tahimic (married to Cresenciano Tahimic) and Leani and Virgilio Tahimic (aka Uncle Boyong! remember the commercial for duty free philippines? it is where we got his nickname) not in the picture (deceased) Sofia Tahimic-Cesa

Pictures pictures again while waiting for the next game!


amiable amy January 3, 2009 at 10:24 AM  

masaya talaga ang pasko sa Pinas Pau..waaaa....kakainggit...

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