Last Working Day of 2008

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Few hours before Christmas. I arrived from work nearly 4:00 pm. Good thing we finished the Annual Physical Inventory before lunch so we were able to go home early. I feel exhausted. Dead tired.

In the last working day of the year the spirit of sharing was every where in the factory. Sir Jun brought "Pancit Puti", its a pancit made from sotanghon and not the traditional bihon or canton. Lovemela, one of our former officemates drop by the office and brought Rocky Road Cake. We have them for the afternoon snack. Kuya Tan and I and I think Mabel jointly took charge of the drinks. It was not only the foods that flowed, every table in the office were filled with gifts big and small. This year I gave ballpens adorned with butterflies, feathers, crown and stars for the girls and hankies/towel for the boys. We also gave gifts for the Senju Kids (both godchild and non godchild. I have 3 official Godchildren from my Senju Family and more than 3 unofficial Godchildren! hahaha!) Good thing that Toy Kingdom wrap all the toys that you would brought from them, irregardless of the price so I was able to save my energy for gift wrapping.

Its nice to see that in spite of the global economic recession we still took effort to share. Its one of the things that I love about my Senju Family, we really treat each other as family members. One's pain is everybody's pain, one's joy is everyone's joy.

We just pray for a good 2009 for all of us.


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