Raised Toilet Seats for Granny

>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

When my granny was still fresh from her operation, it was very difficult for her to do her toilet activities. Since her operation was on her hips, the toilet seat should be leveled wherein she is not bending her legs. That is why we are contemplating on buying raised toilet seats for her. I went to look for raised toilet seats at AllegroMedical.com. I found handicapped toilet accessories. They got many raised toilet seats model that is suitable for my grandma. Since she cannot bend her legs while sitting on the toilet seat, the raised toilet seat would provide her the level that she need for her legs. There is a raised toilet seat with arm rest where she could rest her hands when her toilet hours are extended. If we would buy her one she would not be afraid to go to the toilet anymore. Before she is very afraid on going to the toilet because she said she might bend her legs because the toilet seats are low. Aside from raised toilet seats I also browsed on quad canes and walkers since she would also be using one until her Physical Therapy sessions would be over and she would walk again on her own. That would take time because of her age, but we are happy to see her improving a little every time.


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