Romantic Vacation

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My favorite cousin is getting married this September. He is very dear to me because we grew up together because we are in the same age bracket. I was thinking of a perfect gift for him and his soon to be wife. I want something unique and romantic that they could cherish. Being a hopeless romantic, I started browsing for romantic places where they could probably spend their honeymoon. Karisma Hotel’s El Dorado Resort is a place where they could experience romantic vacation riviera maya is known for. The Casitas Royale of El Dorado resort is perfect for honeymooners like them. The white sand beaches that stretches the Mexican Riviera promise a very romantic spot where they could spend their first days as a couple. There is also a spa where they could have a relaxing massage together to ease the tensions that the wedding preparation might cause them. I bet they would love it.


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