Fun in the Backyard Pool

>> Monday, June 14, 2010

When the summer sun starts blazing everyone heads for the pool. Here are some fun games kids and families can play in the water while staying cool this summer. Remember: safety first. Children should always have adult supervision and everyone should respect each other's swimming ability.

Marco Polo: The classic swimming pool game. One person is "it" and has to keep their eyes closed and walk around the pool calling out "Marco" and trying to tag anyone else. Everyone else has to reply "Polo" and do their best to not get tagged. The #1 rule - you can't get out of the pool mid-game. Whoever gets tagged is then "it" for the next game.

Mega Whirlpool: This typically works best in a round, above ground pool. Get everyone in the water, in line, by the edge of the pool. Now everyone walk around the pool in a circle. Then jog, then run in a circle... the water will follow and then be spinning. Now hold your breath, tuck your knees and let the water carry you around!

Pirate's Treasure Dive: Each kid (or team of kids) gets an empty plastic bowl or pail and place it on the edge of the pool. To start have the swimmers face away from the water and "The Pirate" (adult) throws the 'treasure' into the pool. It should be items that are safe and will sink - coins, pretty rocks, solid rubber balls, or colorful marbles. When the pirate calls out "Dive Mateys!" the kids scramble to collect as much treasure as they can.

Cannonball Contest: Only good in a pool that's deep enough for diving - best if it has a diving board. This one is pretty simple, and pretty wild. One at a time each person jumps in the pool with your body tucked in a ball - and see who makes the biggest splash!


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