Simple Fixes for Common Zoysia Grass Problems

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

Zoysia grass is one of the easiest types of grass to plant and maintain. However, as with any type of grass that a person doesn't properly care for, there are some problems which can occur. Luckily, you can easily fix the most common zoysia grass problems once you correctly identify the issue.

Brown patches are common for all types of grass, and zoysia grass is no exception. However, there is a simple fix to this problem. If you make sure you fertilize the grass at the proper time and water it after the dew dries in the morning, you should have no problems with brown patches. Using a quality fungicide every once in awhile will also help keep your zoysia grass healthy and green.

Rusted-colored zoysia grass occurs when the conditions are moist and cool. The grass gets an orange appearance, and there seems to be a powdery substance that covers the grass. In order to solve this problem, all you have to do is collect the grass clippings after mowing. This allows the grass to grow out of the problem without getting re-infected.

Leaf spots occur during the spring and autumn months when there are warm days and cool nights. This can cause dry conditions, which can cause problems with any type of grass. Lack of fertilization adds to this problem. You can tell if your zoysia grass has leaf spots by the small lesions on the grass blades. Sometimes the lesions may be so small that a close inspection is necessary to see them. In order to solve this problem, simply apply fertilizer to the grassy areas and water the grass well at least once each week.

Zoysia grass has fewer problems than most other types of grass. Knowing what causes the few problems that occur and understanding how to fix them makes zoysia grass one of the best ones to plant.


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