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>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Four thousand years ago in the Mesopotamian cities of Akkad and Sumur, jewelry had become the new big thing. Artifacts from the time include lots of jewelry made primarily from of gold. Six thousand years later, jewelry is still a big deal.

The most important piece of jewelry in today's world is the ring. Rings are symbols that carry different meanings. The most common symbolic ring is a band worn on the left ring finger to announce that the wearer is married. Western culture dictates that when a man proposes to a woman, he should offer her a ring as a symbol of the commitment that he promises to make to her. This is known as an engagement ring. At the time of marriage, a set of rings is exchanged, groom to bride and bride to groom, solemnizing the promises they make to each other.

While the real importance of the engagement and wedding rings is in the symbolism, much attention and planning goes into choosing a ring. Depending on the couple and their financial position, some opt for cheaper rings, while others often buy expensive rings with large diamonds.

Most engagement rings range in price from $600-$9,000. High-end jewelers often charge thousands more than that, and of course, there are many engagement rings that cost much less. Jewelry designers like Tacori fall in the more affordable, yet elegant part of the spectrum.

Socially speaking, an engagement ring is a mark of how much the bride is loved by her husband-to-be. It is important for many girls and women to have an "acceptable" engagement ring to wear. This may not be the healthiest mindset--the desire to show that she is loved more because her groom spent more money on her ring. However, a couple's display of love and commitment, signified by the rings they wear, is something that means more than the cost of jewelry.


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