>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I was waiting for our warehouse clerk earlier this morning; I have some clarifications and inquiries to make regarding the movement of one of our products. While waiting for her (she is busy with the documentations for the delivery), I was looking at the stacks of Tin Ingot in the warehouse. I was thinking, what if those ingots are turned in to gold ingots? It was such a nice view since the tin Ingots looked like silver ingots, but I bet it would be better if those were Gold. Gold has been a standard in determining wealth and purchasing power. It was even used as money in early times. Gold is a very good investment. If given a chance I would invest in different ways like to buy gold coins because it would never loose its value, in fact it appreciates rather than it depreciates. I pray that I may win the jackpot for the lottery on Thursday! The jackpot price could mean too many Gold Bullion investments. Truly men would never loose interest in Gold in fact it is very influential in the life of people even before the ancient times. So what are we waiting for, let us consider investing on gold bullions.


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